Roll Call: Broncos @ Chiefs, Week 13

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Epic win in Arrowhead last weekend. Predictably, we all had lots to talk about. Here's this weeks roll call stats!

Roll Call Info
Total comments 3,218
Total commenters 156
Commenter list 88932, 18man, AlanC11, Amilcar, ArrowSpread, Art Vanndelay, Atmx2000, Ayrshire, Baghdad, Bluedude, BrandingoBronco, Britt Pegram, Bronco Fan Doug, Bronco Mike, BroncoCUbuffs, BroncoFanNate, BroncoRick69, BroncosFanForLife, BroncosNYC, BroncosSixersDuke, Broncotodd, Broncs Cheer, CO Hobbit, COT, CPT.Caveman, California MusicFan, Calikula, Cdog1990, ColoradoZebo, CompUser, Crintleod, CryMeARivers17, DE_BroncoFan, Dannie Ray, DavetheDawg, DelanSaleh, Denver18, Denversports, Doc Fluty, ElwayFanJ, EverVigilant, FlintHillsMagic_sock, Funabashi, GrafVyndaK, Greywing, HarvJNep2n, Henderson-Sports 06, Horse Head Bookends, Jack Donaghy, Jbronc, Justificati0n, KCChef, KRONK-00, Kevin L, Kgrone, Kramerica Industries, Lell87, MNchiefsfan, Mancar, Matthew Oakley, McGeorge, Mee, MileHighNate, MileHighPride, MrFNSunshine, NOTHINGSAFE91, Nevada Bronco07, New Sensation, OldStrike, One Piece of Cake, OppsAgain, OrangeRhino, OrangeTorpedo, P0RKINS2, PaleHorse78, Pollard49, RE1066, Rainbow skyline, Rattling Bones, Richard Huth, RockyMountainWay91, Rodney Adams, Ryan Eames, SD guy, SDcat09, SacramentoKing, SaguaroBronco, Scotty Payne, Sean in Pa., Teton7, ThanksALot, The Danish Bronco, The Ghost of Marv Throneberry, Tim Lorenz, Tim Lynch, Ty46, VR92, Whorfin, WillyBFree2Bronc, YJ, Zach Eckels, a16416, amits, artistnyc, atwater27rules, bigdmmafan, blake.ipson, bnsmith, boothman11, brianbronco27, broncodano, broncomack, broncosfaninphilly, bux, chikndnnr, d2soulja, dbronc0, diehardbroncofan, downisthenewup, emd2k3, gabriel suarez moreno, h2o Dog, hmills110, idahobronc, isamudysan, j-man, james b, jmcgoblue, jpost8, kaiser1118, lilyofthevalley, loyalchfsfan35, mad horses, margabelle, mcassel_7, mdierk, michael.brooker.359, oldcoachB, ozark_orange, phlebotomyorange, pwsbronco, rossiya, sadaraine, severn58, shasta77, slipperyice, the new Bradfather, the_prodigal_fan, theraccoun, tna.pham, tonks, weazel, willyoubemycharizard, wklingbeil, wolf213, zach.aulakh
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1 RockyMountainWay91 211
2 Tim Lynch 155
3 WillyBFree2Bronc 122
4 the new Bradfather 105
5 Britt Pegram 96
6 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry 95
7 ElwayFanJ 91
8 Horse Head Bookends 90
9 Mancar 88
10 Atmx2000 80
11 Whorfin 70
12 BroncosNYC 68
13 oldcoachB 66
14 Doc Fluty 64
15 mad horses 64
16 artistnyc 64
17 PaleHorse78 57
18 FlintHillsMagic_sock 56
19 Cdog1990 54
20 Scotty Payne 50
21 Jbronc 50
22 CompUser 48
23 California MusicFan 47
24 BrandingoBronco 43
25 One Piece of Cake 41
26 blake.ipson 39
27 HarvJNep2n 39
28 ThanksALot 39
29 broncosfaninphilly 39
30 shasta77 37
31 ArrowSpread 33
32 SDcat09 32
33 broncodano 31
34 theraccoun 31
35 Sean in Pa. 31
36 gabriel suarez moreno 29
37 amits 29
38 SaguaroBronco 28
39 Rainbow skyline 28
40 Denver18 26
41 slipperyice 25
42 Dannie Ray 22
43 sadaraine 22
44 bigdmmafan 21
45 P0RKINS2 21
46 Bronco Fan Doug 20
47 Broncotodd 20
48 MNchiefsfan 20
49 isamudysan 19
50 mdierk 18
51 Kevin L 18
52 Justificati0n 18
53 CO Hobbit 16
54 Tim Lorenz 15
55 New Sensation 15
56 Ty46 15
57 BroncoCUbuffs 15
58 the_prodigal_fan 14
59 Greywing 14
60 jmcgoblue 13
61 Nevada Bronco07 13
62 Henderson-Sports 06 12
63 Bluedude 11
64 emd2k3 11
65 willyoubemycharizard 11
66 YJ 11
67 ozark_orange 10
68 EverVigilant 10
69 McGeorge 10
70 bnsmith 10
71 BroncoFanNate 10
72 pwsbronco 10
73 boothman11 9
74 Baghdad 9
75 mcassel_7 9
76 idahobronc 8
77 brianbronco27 8
78 broncomack 8
79 Richard Huth 8
80 GrafVyndaK 8
81 ColoradoZebo 8
82 wolf213 8
83 COT 7
84 BroncosFanForLife 7
85 Kgrone 7
86 downisthenewup 6
87 diehardbroncofan 6
88 The Danish Bronco 5
89 Broncs Cheer 5
90 Matthew Oakley 5
91 Jack Donaghy 5
92 kaiser1118 5
93 SacramentoKing 5
94 Art Vanndelay 4
95 OldStrike 4
96 weazel 4
97 Calikula 4
98 SD guy 4
99 Lell87 3
100 Pollard49 3
101 KRONK-00 3
102 DE_BroncoFan 3
103 severn58 3
104 Teton7 3
105 MileHighNate 3
106 VR92 3
107 Rodney Adams 3
108 michael.brooker.359 3
109 CPT.Caveman 3
110 a16416 3
111 tonks 2
112 loyalchfsfan35 2
113 Rattling Bones 2
114 phlebotomyorange 2
116 OrangeTorpedo 2
117 tna.pham 2
118 AlanC11 2
119 Kramerica Industries 2
120 rossiya 2
121 d2soulja 2
122 Zach Eckels 2
123 88932 2
124 MrFNSunshine 2
125 h2o Dog 1
126 CryMeARivers17 1
127 DelanSaleh 1
128 Amilcar 1
129 wklingbeil 1
130 18man 1
131 jpost8 1
132 MileHighPride 1
133 bux 1
134 j-man 1
135 BroncoRick69 1
136 RE1066 1
137 Bronco Mike 1
138 zach.aulakh 1
139 Crintleod 1
140 KCChef 1
141 Mee 1
142 chikndnnr 1
143 BroncosSixersDuke 1
144 dbronc0 1
145 Ayrshire 1
146 Ryan Eames 1
147 Funabashi 1
148 james b 1
149 Denversports 1
150 OppsAgain 1
151 atwater27rules 1
152 DavetheDawg 1
153 margabelle 1
154 OrangeRhino 1
155 lilyofthevalley 1
156 hmills110 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
70 One Piece of Cake [no title]
48 One Piece of Cake This Win.... It's Just So Beautiful Man.
29 Mancar [no title]
23 Lell87 I can't wait for a gif of Moreno doing his first down crawl.
20 MileHighNate Half of MHR:
20 Jack Donaghy [no title]
19 Mancar MHR 3rd quarter:
19 Mancar MHR 1st quarter:
18 Mancar MHR 2nd Quarter:
17 Jack Donaghy AFC West Title remains in Denver
17 Mancar MHR 4th quarter:
16 RockyMountainWay91 Team just needs to get healthy now
15 One Piece of Cake Bringing up the past?
14 Tim Lynch Re: Champ Bailey
13 emd2k3 [no title]
12 HarvJNep2n Tears of joy I've heard of. Tears of sadness,too.
12 18man Was it just me or did it seem like Peyton's throws today were a lot crisper?
11 One Piece of Cake looking up donnie avery's address
10 Tim Lynch 4 straight TDs...
10 Rodney Adams Giving up 21 points to the Chiefs offense (14 of those off turnovers as well) is acceptable only because of the wounded secondary
9 Atmx2000 Gotta watch out for Houston
8 New Sensation Ah, I was wondering what happened to it.
8 Pollard49 wow even after win
8 broncodano [no title]
8 Mancar well in that case:
7 broncodano thats just because i left colorado for business...
7 the_prodigal_fan Here is a photo from the last time the Chiefs won a playoff game.
6 WillyBFree2Bronc That's for AP, they can all suck it!
6 Mancar Chiefs after going up 21-7:
6 FlintHillsMagic_sock Don't put it so lightly
6 Mancar I will rec this, and start another profile just so I can rec this again.
6 Teton7 I must admit...
6 broncodano um hate to be the nerd of the group...
6 broncodano the manning pro football touchdown machine...
5 bux [no title]
5 MileHighNate I think I know why he was so emotional now..
5 kaiser1118 Great game guys.....
5 the new Bradfather butt hurt tools Chiefs fans are
5 Tim Lynch Note to Wesley Woodyard.
5 PaleHorse78 Because he's been through hell and back
4 One Piece of Cake Fear The Stubble
4 Horse Head Bookends Where are all the AP I mean gentleman?
4 One Piece of Cake [no title]
4 Horse Head Bookends His sides hurt from laughing at the Chiefs
4 WillyBFree2Bronc Did you see Moreno on the sideline hitting his elbows?
4 WillyBFree2Bronc Don't hear me making such foolish noise. Champ is the Champ in book...
4 Britt Pegram after the 1st Q
4 Britt Pegram God, Tony D loves PFM almost as much as me....his loyalty is unreal
4 amits yep, training the rookie!
4 One Piece of Cake I lose it after the first down chop
4 pwsbronco Really have to give a giant shout out to Montae BAll
3 Jack Donaghy Ha
3 emd2k3 [no title]
3 broncomack Ugliest win?
3 Britt Pegram No we went into run run run then he couldn't perform on demand when the receivers were dropping the balls
3 One Piece of Cake he had one bad game last year but otherwise was great
3 HarvJNep2n I just saw an amazing stat over at AP.
3 One Piece of Cake He's also made some nice plays this year
3 broncodano yeah...
3 jmcgoblue Obligatory response to your profanity
3 MNchiefsfan Care to tell me what I've done that's been "trolling?"
3 RockyMountainWay91 autorec
3 wolf213 .
3 Tim Lynch Chiefs fans looking for answers, I have them for you. :)
3 WillyBFree2Bronc It seem like lately, that any receiver that get's touched in any manner and doesn't catch it, looks for the flag.
2 Art Vanndelay Meanwhile, over at AP...
2 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry 19-0 til they ain't has become 9-7 til they ain't
2 BrandingoBronco I think the DL injuries hurt us all game, no pressure up the middle
2 Broncs Cheer No, it's all about staying ahead of the Pats now
2 Broncs Cheer Great play by Mike Adams on the last drive
2 Mancar The announcers said there was a pump fake to the right but I didn't see it. All I saw was Alex Smith looking straight at Bowe the whole way.
2 Sean in Pa. Ok
2 MNchiefsfan At least the "hate Alex Smith" bandwagon is dying off
2 BroncoCUbuffs OOohh! Good one RKW...that'll suck em in.
2 Bronco Mike I wish I could be all
2 mad horses Champ is not done ...
2 Tim Lynch I think that history is overrated.
2 PaleHorse78 Does anyone else get pee your pants nervous when Welker returns a punt?
2 BroncoCUbuffs Could you wait till four? I'm not quite up to speed yet?
2 MNchiefsfan Man, shouldn't you wait until you have all the info
2 Horse Head Bookends and alligators
2 Atmx2000 Houston's defense is better than when peyton was in Indy.
2 broncodano its like he starts a game talking to del rio...
2 WillyBFree2Bronc "Here Jack, toss one"...LOL
2 WillyBFree2Bronc (With a little smirk on his face) - "I got this dano"
2 Broncotodd Missing almost half the defense......great show team!
2 One Piece of Cake it was his bedtime
2 broncodano yeah, that was a game.
2 Tim Lynch Yeah...awesome.
2 One Piece of Cake dude he was great last year
2 amits [no title]
2 idahobronc I keep telling you guys. :)
2 COT One Day To Celebrate & On To Tennessee
2 Mancar Rec it. Rec it hard.
2 WillyBFree2Bronc Hey! Just like all the hate talk about Decker, Champ will be there when he can...
2 Tim Lynch it seems everyone beat the Oilers in the playoffs back in the 90s
2 HarvJNep2n Woohoo!
2 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Gotta be careful not to overlook these "gimmes"
2 WillyBFree2Bronc Look dude, I've seen it all.
2 PaleHorse78 Does anyone here still want Decker to leave via free agency?
2 Tim Lynch Just score already so the Broncos can win by 3
2 broncomack Call it as you see it - as do I
2 Jack Donaghy Uhhh
2 willyoubemycharizard and he's saving his retirement speech for the first round of the playoffs to get us and him a ring
2 bnsmith As usual this defense can not be trusted
2 RockyMountainWay91 .
2 emd2k3 [no title]
2 SDcat09 Suck it Chiefs!!!
2 Justificati0n [no title]
2 VR92 "We'll see you in Arrowhead"
1 broncodano CHAMP RULES
1 Tim Lynch I do not believe Joel blocks anyone.
1 Tim Lynch I just think fans are kneejerking and being foolish about Champ right now
1 ElwayFanJ I remember when Champ actually was awesome
1 One Piece of Cake I'm not sure how closely you watched last season
1 RockyMountainWay91 his receivers are bums Dwayne Bowe and the whole lot of them
1 MileHighNate Champ was an All-Pro last year who was top 5 in every DB category, and was #1 in the most important (TDs allowed) with 1 on the season
1 mad horses We need one more score to seal it
1 RockyMountainWay91 they did
1 broncodano too good for my liking
1 BroncosNYC did the guy just uppercut ManRam???
1 One Piece of Cake IDK how you missed his great play then
1 Tim Lynch He will.
1 ozark_orange Yeah, AS11 made some nice deep throws tonight.
1 the new Bradfather Champ is a good soldier
1 ElwayFanJ We all watched the game
1 ElwayFanJ Probably complaining about
1 One Piece of Cake those are always the best
1 KRONK-00 It didn't look like that when they showed it during the game broadcast.
1 Cdog1990 we are having a good passing game so pass it!! wtf
1 Tim Lynch Yeah, they could never accept that Broncos fans had no fear at all of their little win streak over there in KC.
1 broncodano That game was way too close for everyone.
1 ElwayFanJ That's exactly what it looked like
1 Jack Donaghy +1
1 pwsbronco yep. lighten moreno's carries a bit and give Ball a few more and hopefully moreno stays healthy all year.
1 DE_BroncoFan The Chiefs have now allowed 214 points on the season
1 One Piece of Cake shots fired
1 ozark_orange They're ALL already on the roster.
1 Rainbow skyline holy crap knowshon has some powerful tear ducts
1 Tim Lynch Last year he was freaking awesome.
1 SaguaroBronco Yeah, but he's our weird dude!
1 ElwayFanJ If he retires he doesn't affect the cap
1 Tim Lynch Not really. He's signed through 2015. Cutting him would hurt the cap situation.
1 Atmx2000 Long drive ending in FG would be good
1 PaleHorse78 I hate this... my heart can't take it every, single, game!
1 broncodano were not going to find anyone right now...
1 Pollard49 wouldnt brag about winning with an injury
1 OppsAgain you know we are higher in the Mile High City - for lots of reasons
1 BrandingoBronco Agreed. And many fans have been since January
1 MNchiefsfan A very impressive win, to be sure
1 broncodano soooo for the game in denver...
1 BrandingoBronco Not just you
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Fun Fact:
1 margabelle It was 4th down. Who cares?
1 willyoubemycharizard haha loved him today!
1 jmcgoblue So that's why the camera shakes so much
1 pwsbronco fan spoilage?
1 jmcgoblue Even I had to laugh at that sequence
1 Whorfin Didn't steal nothing.
1 Whorfin Not one bit.
1 slipperyice That was a big play--and horrible penalty
1 WillyBFree2Bronc And besides, if i was the guy that found him in my car? I'd tried to rip his head off and spit down his hole!
1 mcassel_7 What's up with Moreano and the fire hose eyes?
1 Calikula BOOM!
1 Calikula [no title]
1 lilyofthevalley Offense as well
1 WillyBFree2Bronc They were calling Kyle a pussy and sissy over there, and I make a rude comment and get banned,
1 Mancar Wait for the facts.
1 the new Bradfather Tennessee is still in good wild card shape
1 Baghdad girls?
1 amits Press coverage he can handle 2nd or 3rd (DRC and Chris Hariss handle #1 and #2) forget we are in AFC not a lot of good recievers compared to NFC
1 jmcgoblue What's funny is how no one else on the field even notices him, they're all focused on the play
1 the new Bradfather even though we were screwed out of two fumbles we forced so there is that
1 Teton7 Meh... They green everything over there. It's kind of weird.
1 broncomack Rookies will be
1 Baghdad we'll get off your fn case when you step up big against NE
1 ozark_orange KC can't afford to replace Bowe.
1 California MusicFan There are three times when PFM plays his best
1 One Piece of Cake WE DO EXIST!
1 the_prodigal_fan Sure, buddy.
1 broncodano and if welker could catch
1 loyalchfsfan35 Being a chiefs fan for over 20 years
1 OldStrike From AP, from one extreme to another!
1 pwsbronco Just a tough game fought out with a lot of backups
1 Justificati0n [no title]
1 mdierk they did take a lot of time to get that score
1 amits This and we didn't have Thomas! Let's get the number 1 seed......Let's hope NE and KC loose one more each so we can rest our starters against oakland...If Peyton plays like this in the next 2 homes game he will have his record before we go on the Road
1 Whorfin Honestly, the opposite.
1 Sean in Pa. Gronk
1 Kgrone Not a bad idea.
1 Whorfin I want SF
1 gabriel suarez moreno whatever reason to not blame manning rite?
1 sadaraine and RMW91 should get a room
1 Justificati0n [no title]
1 Tim Lynch Yeah...Shannon Sharpe like.
1 CO Hobbit [no title]
1 Mancar [no title]
1 RockyMountainWay91 It's sad to watch
1 Scotty Payne Champ sucks
1 weazel Charger game blacked out locally
1 gabriel suarez moreno manning... BS pass
1 McGeorge Manning will need to play out of his mind for us to win
1 Mancar Well at least the Nuggets won today :)
1 oldcoachB No!
1 Scotty Payne We need to sign DRC and Wood long term
1 Mancar On the bright side its still a tie!
1 SDcat09 this
1 MrFNSunshine Decker really redeemed himself today
1 Atmx2000 We are going to miss those timeouts from the challenges
1 Mancar LOL. 'justments yo.
1 McGeorge Mike Adams is fail.
1 Mancar "Life is great, isn't it?"
1 Denversports [no title]
1 wolf213 He's crying because he read all the negativity on MHR
1 CO Hobbit Or that your other CBs aren't very good.
1 brianbronco27 Stop blaming our team sucking on injuries!!!
1 ArrowSpread Unbelievable, how does he slide and avoid that.
1 Horse Head Bookends No I don't
1 theraccoun both
1 artistnyc We need to pour it on, not play to not lose
1 Kevin L [no title]
1 Tim Lynch Yeah, so was the offensive holding noncall on Smith's 26 yard run.
1 Denver18 Yeah Peyton "Noodle Arm" Manning is washed up
1 Whorfin Buncha sleepyheads all
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry I want a mobile dart thrower
1 bigdmmafan [no title]
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Turn out the lights, the party's over - Rex Ryan is fixin' to get his walking papers...
1 CompUser A safety would be great right here.
1 CO Hobbit Walrus sad. Lol.
1 shasta77 Punch it in again and take the crowd out of it.
1 Denver18 WOnder if Decker said "Look out Doctor Death...I'm pretty fast for a Caucasian"
1 the new Bradfather which means Decker better watch his ankles
1 Broncotodd Gameday!! If DRC can't go, this will probably be a shootout.
1 wolf213 someone make a gif of this please
1 Mancar Then you should really only be blogging on here with your parents permission.
1 Mancar /Grand Entrance
1 Mancar DOMINATE!
1 Tim Lynch Broncos could need this kind of help with the Patriots just one game behind the Broncos right now for homefield.
1 ElwayFanJ Manning's history against the Chiefs
1 Mancar SECOND!
1 Tim Lynch 4 FGs and a Safety
1 Whorfin Insomnia has its benefits, if you know where to look.
1 ElwayFanJ Gary Kubiak is going to get fired
1 BroncosNYC PICK 6 PICK 6 PICK 6
1 Tim Lynch Doc Flutty....thank you for coming over here and jinxing your team!
1 CompUser Don't just limit them,
1 California MusicFan Defense has been on the field too long this quarter. They got sloppy.
1 PaleHorse78 I've said this before, and I'll say it again
1 bigdmmafan [no title]
1 One Piece of Cake looked like old age to me
1 YJ Anybody remember your negative comment from earlier now?
1 Horse Head Bookends Of course, they are concerned about his arm injury and want to wish him the best.
1 Tim Lynch Reminder to all, if people overreact to things (cough, rmw91, cough) then avoid reacting with negative personal attacks.
1 HarvJNep2n How many more times can these damned announcers reference
1 Greywing I hate prevent defense! Don't give them the run, pleeeeezzzeee
1 One Piece of Cake Hillman has a sad
1 YJ Simms is a moron
1 slipperyice Killed us with the screen passes...
1 SD guy Chiefs. 9-6 until they ain't.
1 HarvJNep2n Rec a billion times
1 Lell87 They looked good to me.
1 One Piece of Cake dammit humanity
1 Horse Head Bookends Nothing but class from those folks.
1 COT I Agree - It's A Rough Crowd & Drinking In The Parking Lot Since AM
1 Tim Lynch God I hate these refs.
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Don't take no shit off of them either.
1 Dannie Ray I almost puked my heart out on that return.
1 RockyMountainWay91 Definitely
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Missing those timeouts now
1 One Piece of Cake quiet you
1 brianbronco27 that's what she said???
1 The Ghost of Marv Throneberry Haven't felt this way watching a game in KC
1 ElwayFanJ We need to win our games
1 broncosfaninphilly That just made NFL films highlight forever
1 emd2k3 [no title]
1 RockyMountainWay91 our defense is terrible.
1 slipperyice Get real: Broncs scored a TD...
1 HarvJNep2n Woooooohoooooo!!!!!!
1 BroncosNYC I had flash backs of the ravens game
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Webster needs to learn how to cover and use his body, and not let the receiver get behind him.
1 broncosfaninphilly Home towned
1 FlintHillsMagic_sock Victory formation in Arr_whea_
1 CompUser That's bull shit.
1 BrandingoBronco This better be overturned. Or else......
1 Atmx2000 Important thing is we stole a difficult road game
1 WillyBFree2Bronc Ball had a couple of great runs to set us up to win...
1 WillyBFree2Bronc They sure as hell gutted that one out...
1 slipperyice The defense: somebody make a freaking play
1 mad horses Looked like a fumble
1 ColoradoZebo [no title]
1 SDcat09 Stop calling everyone a Chiefs troll
1 amits
1 Atmx2000 Only 7 was off a to with short field
1 isamudysan good game, good win
1 One Piece of Cake is it empty?
1 oldcoachB Need all. Four or we will have to go to NE.
1 Ayrshire Congratulations Broncos!
1 bigdmmafan [no title]
1 Lell87 Thank you!
1 ElwayFanJ Good night Chiefs fans!
1 Cdog1990 my christmas wish list: beet brady and his cry baby team in the playoffs. That is all.
1 CompUser The Broncos already said they would negotiate a contract after the season.
1 Britt Pegram equalizer Brady, Hoodie @home =PFM
1 WillyBFree2Bronc That's right, ooh la la...
1 FlintHillsMagic_sock [no title]
1 broncodano bahahahaha

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