The MHR vs AP Defense Challenge: FINAL RESULTS

Justin Edmonds

The results are in and the loserswinners of the Great MHR vs AP Defense Challenge are.....

The Kansas City Chiefs Denver Broncos!!

The Scoreboard

Straight to the final totals, folks.

Chiefs Broncos
Opp Poss Yards Pts TO's Opp Poss Yards Pts TO's
Week 1 @BUF 11 469 -1 5 @SD 10 339 20 0
Week 2 @DEN 13 450 27 1 KC 14 352 17 2
Week 3 SD 12 453 41 0 @NE 16 439 27 4
Week 4 DEN 11 537 35 2 @KC 10 428 21 2
Week 5 @WAS 10 208 10 1 TEN 10 268 28 2
Week 6 @OAK 9 470 24 4 SD 8 401 27 0
Week 7 IND 11 397 23 0 @HOU 11 281 13 1
Week 8 @SD 11 401 27 1 @OAK 7 81 0 1
TOTALS 88 3385 186 14 86 2589 153 12
Averages 38.47 2.11 16% 30.10 1.78 14%

Metric #1: Yards per Possession: BRONCOS WIN. Thanks to yesterday's absolute smackdown of the Raiders (check out the pre-garbage time numbers from yesterday -- 81 yards, 0 points), the Broncos gave up very nearly 100 yards PER GAME less than the Chiefs over the 8 games of the Challenge. True domination, but more thanks to a Chiefs defense that started leaking like a sieve about mid-season than a dominant Denver defense.

Metric #2: Points per possession: BRONCOS WIN. This was a little bit closer, but still, the Broncos allowed 33 less points in 2 less possessions.

Metric #3: Turnover percentage: CHIEFS WIN.


A couple of quick thoughts on yesterday's games

First of all, are you kidding me? The Dolphins fold (no surprise), Ravens fold (not a huge surprise, Cincy is a tough place to win), and the Chargers need overtime and a bad call to beat the Chiefs' second stringers?

The Chiefs' second string puts up better numbers against Phillip Rivers IN San Diego IN a playoff-type game than the Chiefs' first string puts up in Kansas City five weeks ago?

And as for the Chiefs, they finish the season with one -- count them, ONE! -- win against a team with a winning record this year (KC 26, Philadelphia 16 way back when) and now head into the playoffs having lost 5 of their last 7 games.

Finally, as far as the Broncos are concerned, their Week 17 clinic looked eerily similar to last year's 38-3 beatdown of the Chiefs in Week 17. Of this you can be sure, though: Don't expect this Broncos team to get overconfident heading into the playoffs in two weeks. I certainly won't be!

DC Chiefs Fan, this one's for you

OK, guys, you remember the original terms of the bet: Winners choose profile photos and tag lines for the losers. I had originally put out an image from A Christmas Story, but I don't think everybody understood the reference, so I'm going to change and go easy on you:



Tag Line:

I lost a bet to The Skipper Dude at MHR


It's been fun everybody! Now, on to the PLAYOFFS!!!!!

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