Why take the Broncos or Manning for granted?

Jamie Squire

It happens to me all the time, whether it be on MHR, facebook, twitter. I'll mention a great team performance or record that was set, and someone will inevitably say "doesn't matter unless they __________"

Sometimes the blank is "win a playoff game," sometimes it's "win the Super Bowl," whatever the case may be it is completely influenced by a forward thinking mindset. There is an interesting dynamic here because it seems this sort of mindset is but a microcosm of the epidemic human beings face in their everyday lives. It seems as if we are always living for tomorrow.

Whether it be a better job, some sort of professional goal, some sort of personal goal, I think we as a society find ourselves thinking so much about the future that we forget to live in the present. I woke up the other day and realized it was just yesterday that I had moved away to begin my career as a teacher. Seemingly, I was preparing for today, yet today I find myself thinking about tomorrow.

It is a completely natural thing to do and we have been conditioned to do it from an early age. As soon as a human being has the presence of mind to think for him or herself the number one goal in life becomes "future."

Mixed in somewhere is this need to get away from the past.

Since folks are so inclined to forget about the past and skim over the present for sake of the future, here are some things to keep in mind.

1996-1998 is the last period in Denver Broncos history that the team were 3-peat AFC West Champions, something the team is primed to accomplish this year. It has been 15 years since the Broncos have been a dominant force on the NFL landscape.

2005 marks the last time the Broncos reached an AFC Championship Game.

As early as 2011, we were rooting for a team that won games in improbable fashion against the face of reason or logic, with a quarterback who is no longer in the league.

As early as 2010, we were the laughingstock of our own division having suffered such embarrassing losses at the hands of the Raiders and Chiefs.

Never in our history have we witnessed a QB the likes of Peyton Manning, and no John Elway with all of his 4th quarter comebacks and storybook endings does not compare.

Never in our history have we witnessed a stable of skill position players such as DT, JT, Decker, Welker, Knowshon, Ball, Dreessen, Tamme. No, the "three amigos" need not apply.

In a football world where Broncos fans have become desensitized to 50-point beatdowns of other teams, 300-yard passing performances or multi-touchdown games from one of the best of the position. In a football world where "wow" becomes "meh" and today seems meaningless when compared to tomorrow, don't forget this Broncos Country: Nothing Lasts Forever.

The NFL is the gold standard for one reason, every season changes the landscape.

So instead of looking toward that date with destiny in February, take a page from the players playbooks and take it one game at a time. And in the spirit of "one game at a time" remember to cherish every play because what we are witnessing is truly historic and special in every way.

We have a lifetime full of memories to pass on to future generations of Broncos fans from this season alone, cherish all of these memories. For the sake of the present, don't take history for granted Broncos Country--there is no guarantee we will ever see it repeat like this again.


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