Just My Thoughts on some Potential Bronco Players Next Year

Darelle Revis: No way in hell. Not only because I hate the dude, but also because Elway isn't stupid enough to pay any defensive player that type of money, especially with the likes of Dumervil, Manning, and Bailey on the books.

Brian Urlacher: No, just as good as Keith Brooking (who will also not be a Bronco next year, unless he sticks for development and injury depth)

Danell Ellerbe: No way in hell the Ravens let him go. At this point they really only care about keeping him and Flacco.

Osi Umenyoira: Interesting, I'm curious to see what he's worth on the open market. I would say not much, but I bet some team like the Titans or Browns picks him up on an unworthy contract, so no. Same goes for Paul Kruger.

Henry Melton: I don't think Elway wants to throw the money on the dude, I'd love to see him in our orange and blue but I have a feeling he sticks with the other orange and blue, along with jay jay and b-marsh.

Austin Collie: I'm going to say no, just because the dude should probably stop playing football after all those head injuries. However, It'll be interesting if Elway decides to go the veteran route in the slot with an FA pickup or have a young guy learn the system. I guess 2 of the 5 guys they interviewed at the Senior Bowl were slot recievers so it's clearly a need. Either way Stokley seemed formidable enough and he'll be back, so maybe the young guy route is the way to go. If I'm wrong also look at Amednola and Avery. No Welker.

Andy Levitre: I think he could be a surprise pick-up, the dude has 64 straight starts and the Bills mauled in the running game last season. However, you can't afford to pay him and Kuper, and I'd prefer a rookie lineman to shore up the OL woes. that being said I would be very happy if we picked up ol reliable here.

Richard Seymour/ Desmond Bryant: It looks like the Raiders are more likely to part ways with Seymour, who at 33 apparently wants to sign a short tender with a playoff contender. I think he's worth it, He plays very similarly to Derek Wolfe, but with better pass rush efficiency, and you can never have too many of those. I think you slide him next to vick or bannan which ever one we re-sign and you've got the perfect run stop/ pass rush tandem.

Jarius Byrd: My ultimate dream pick up, will never happen. He'll be tagged immediately. I think the same goes for William Moore in ATL.

The Poor Man's Goldson: Louis Delmas has been sidelined a lot recently due to injury issues, so he should come at a cheap price. He hits hard, covers far better than ol' mike (as his twitter name suggests). He would really be a valuable pickup and is apparently quite verse at setting up defenses. Wouldn't mind taking a look at Kenny Phillips either.

Steven Jackson: It'll be interesting to see if he bites the bullet and waves good bye to the 7 mil player option next season. If he does that shows a lot about him, but I doubt he decides to take much less than that. And he's not worth 5 mil a year. Actually looking at the rest of the FA's (i.e. Bush, Mendenhall, Benson, yada, yada) he looks very nice. This one is worth watching folks.

Delanie Walker: Is apparently an FA, if so, and the niners don't re-sign him I think he's worth a look. I love his effectiveness in different run-blocking and PA situations. He'll be the SB x-factor.

Possible draft prospects:

Teo: I dont know, We'll see how he interviews and works out. I;d lean towards saying yes. Just because either way Woody is our emotional leader and we just need a guy who can step in and be 3 down linebacker in our system at the mike. I still think Minter or Nico Johnson are the most reliable options, and no I don't have an SEC bias, they're just better. I also think Kasheem Greene or Arthur Brown would be solid in our LB unit wherever they would line up.

WR/TE: As I mentioned we need a slot, no one mentions Tavon Austin or Robert Woods, but I'd be happy if we took Tavon at 28 honestly. Neither would I pissed if we took Ertz or Eifert. Our TE's our solid but not incredible to be frank, these dudes both have the potential to be Gronk-esque (huge bodies, huge wing spans, great blockers, etc.) , I'd take that in a second.

DB: I'm going to throw this out there, and here's why, Honey Badger should be a Donkey next year, he can only be successful in maybe 4 locker rooms in the NFL, and one of those has the likes of Champ Bailey and Jack Del Rio. Not to mention at first he'd be gettin punk'd by chris harris, the UFA. Watch out for a workout warrior in the name of Tharold Simon, the dude's 6-3 CB outta LSU and he's a beast in man coverage.

RB: This will be the most interesting thing to watch, other than maybe MLB over off-season. I'm not a fan of drafting RB's in the first, mostly because they can be found anywhere (look at Alfred Morris, TD, etc. etc.) However Fox does kind of panic in which case he'd better take Lacy. Otherwise Stepfan Taylor or Montee Ball needs to be a Bronco next year.

OL: Barrett Jones has suddenly slipped of the radar due to injury, we should take him in the 3rd or something. Also a dark-horse, Uzzi out of GT, anyone who can block in that system has potential.

DL: I like Short, Floyd. We're going to draft a pass rusher, and probably early, but if not check out Dawkins from FSU could be a solid pick-up.

Sorry for the length but I got excited! Anyway like I said the Broncos have established a culture that is pretty hard to just come into and not gel with. The leaders on this team don't blank around.

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