My dream of a perfect orange and blue offseason


First things first re sign;

-Ryan Clady-

……Some say, put the tag on him and make sure he’s healthy. I say, This aint New England we take care of our guys here and no one on this roster deserves our commitment more than Clady

-Britton Colquitt-

…...With the conservitive stye of John Fox we need a great punter, Colquitt is one of the NFLs best

-Kevin Vickerson-

……The big man did a better job playing within the scheme this year. I don’t think we’ve seen Vicks best football yet.

-David Bruton, Tony Carter, Mitch Unrein, Jason Hunter, Chris Clark, Brandon Stokley, Chris Gronkowski

…… These guys deserve another year in the orange and blue

Unrestricted Free agent signings

-Dashon Goldson-SF 6’2" 200 FS

……At 28 years old Goldson is one of the leagues hardest hitting safties, he is the kind of play making intimidator we need on the back end of our defense. He might be pricey but if we only make one big signing I hope it will be Goldson.

……After we re sign Clady and sign Goldson there wont be much room left under the cap but for super bowl favorites in great cities like Denver there will always be veterans willing to take a pay cut for one more shot at a ring. Guys like Brian Urlacher or soon to be cut Richard Seymour will help some of our young guys take the next step.

So Sorry but

...Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya…Lance Ball, Dan Koppen, Justin Bannan, Keith Brooking, Tracey Porter, matt willis, ty warren, and Jim Leonhard

** NFL DRAFT 2013**

If you are like me this is one of my favorite yearly events in sport, my two favorite sports (college football and pro football) merge into the human meat market known as the combine/NFL draft. Also this time of year is filled with crazy speculation and wishfull thinking. I will try to keep my feet on the ground for now and hope my favorite college players run a bad 40 at the combine or pull a hammy right before their pro day so they might slip to my Broncos who will get a steal in all 7 rounds of the draft. I also believe it’s pointless to predict trades both in the draft for picks or current players for picks, as of right now based only on what I have seen of their college careers and available game tape I am only sure of 2 players who I would pick at no.28, that is, if they are still there.... In the 1st round of the 2013 NFL draft with the 28th pick overall the denver Broncos select....

-Johnathan Banks CB Mississippi St.

At 6’2" 185lbs this guy is big time. In todays NFL you can’t have too many talented young corners. the mainstream "experts" don’t yet have him inside the top 25 and the only knock I’ve heard about him is not having elite speed, I don’t see a lack of speed on film, this dude can fly. If he runs well at the combine he will be off the board early.

If Banks is gone I want…..

-Eddie Lacy RB Alabama

.....At 6’ 220lbs Lacy is a beast we all saw him in the championship game trampling the vaunted Notre Dame Defense, I know his O- line might be one of the best in NCAA history but his acceleration through the hole is unbelievable I think besides Adrian Peterson no one either college or pro has a better burst when he sees daylight than Lacy. As of now, almost 10 weeks before the draft not many of the draft "experts" have Lacy in the first round…We shall see.........

.........then as i drifted back to sleep I had a horrible nightmare in which we traded our 1st round pick for Alonso Smith....... Again

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