What We Have and What We Need

I must have too much time on my hands as I've put together a spreadsheet of who I think should remain in the 53, who should go (and there are many!), who should move positions (DJ should move teams not positions!) and who should be given a chance or drafted.

There are clearly some need including strengthening the depth of our offensive line and a starting ILB, but I'll get to that later.

For the offensive line I'd like our first pick to be Barrett Jones (despite the injury which he will soon recover from) as he can play all 5 positions. I'd like him starting at center, but available to replace Kuper if he's injured again, with Walton as his back up. I think Davis and Blake should be released and he will be a young upgrade on Koppen, despite me thinking he played reasonably well.

So my starting front line would be: Clady, Beadle, Jones, Kuper, Franklin

With back ups: DRAFT (I like the idea of Rick Wagner in the 6th round), Boren (from the practice squad), Walton, DRAFT (I like the idea of Eric Herman in the 7th round), Cornick (from the practice squad)

Quarterbacks: Manning, Oswieler and Hanie

Running Backs: I stick with McGahee, Moreno and Hillman and add the best available in the 3rd round of the DRAFT (suggestions below).

Tight Ends: Dreessen, Tamme, Green and I'd stick with J.Thomas

Wide Receivers: D.Thomas, Decker, Stokley, Holliday, Robinson (from the practice squad) and the best available in the 5th round of the DRAFT (I like the idea of Aaron Melette)

Full Back : Only Hester

Defensive line: I'd promote Jackson to LDE, move Wolfe to DT with Vickerson and Dumervil as starters.

With Back ups: Ayers, DRAFT (best available in the 4th Round where I like the idea of Kwane Geathers), Unrein and Garland (from the practice squad)

Starting linebackers: Miller, DRAFT (best available in the 2nd round, suggestions below), Woodyard with back up from Irving, Johnson and Trevathan.

Starting cornerbacks: Bailey (still) and Harris with back up from Bolden and T.Carter

Starting safeties: Moore and Q.Carter with back up from Bruton and Gideon (from the practice squad)

Special teams: Prater (still), Colquitt, Brewer

So that's my choice of 53 which includes draft choices:

1. Barratt Jones

2. Best available ILB (possibly Arthur Brown, Khaseem Greene, Kiko Alonso, Nico Johnson, Jon Bostic or Kevin Riddick)

3, Best available RB (possibly Stephan Taylor, Jonathan Franklin, Christine Michael, Marcus Lattimore or Le'Veon Bell)

4. Best available DT (possibly Kwane Geathers)

5. Best available WR (possibly Aaron Melette)

6. Best available OT (possibly Rick Wagner)

7. Best available OG (possibly Eric Herman)

Promotion from the practice squad for: Boren, Cornick, Robinson, Garland and Gideon

And the release of: Beal, Fannin, Hunter, Siliga, Blake, CJ Davis, Ball, Mays, Caldwell, Bannan, Martinez, Brooking, DJ Williams, Leonard, Koppen, Warren, Porter, Willis, Clark, Gronkowski and Adams.

Harsh I know, but IMHO in the best interests of the Broncos!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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