We. Are. Hosed.

I'm a worrywort. You'd think that a creature who lives and feeds on human excrement wouldn't worry about much. After all, how much worse can it get, right? But I still worry. One of the things I worry about is that some cable company employee will drive by and notice the cable going down in the storm drain and ask, "What's up wit dat?" And then, unless I catch him and eat him first, he might take away my cable. And then I won't be able to watch the Broncos. But who doesn't worry about such things, right?

This morning, Digger (the real Digger, not that Digger7 imposter) and McGeorge and I were discussing how dismal the Broncos' future is. McGeorge and Digger insinuated that I worry too much. What if they're right? But what if they're not?

Either way, I'm worried.

There's a rat I used to talk to down here. He helped me think things through. He said breaking things into their component parts would help me worry less. Wise rat. Or he was until he got too close to me and I ate him.

So here's how I scope out the Broncos' needs/wants. I'm going to use Colinski's model of naming names, which I like. And when I say "replacement", I mean that player should be upgraded as soon as possible. If I say "successor", I mean that we need to find that player's replacement sooner than later, but we might be able to eke out another season with our current players.You'll notice replacing some players is more pressing than replacing others.

#1 - Keith Brooking's replacement

#2 - Kevin Vickerson's replacement

#3 - Justin Bannan's replacement

#4 - Willis McGahee's successor/Knowshon Moreno's replacement/Lance Ball's replacement

#5 - Champ Bailey's successor

#6 - Chris Kuper's successor/Manny Ramirez's replacement

#7 - Mike Adam's replacement

#8 - Brandon Stokley's successor

#9 - Chris Clark's replacement

#10 - David Bruton/Jim Leonhard's replacement

#11 - Robert Ayers/Jason Hunter's replacement

#12 - Caleb Hanie' replacement

#13 - Elvis Dumervil's successor

Next, I'd like to take a stab at how I'd approach executing this plan.

#1 - Sign Daryl Smith from Jacksonville

#2 - Sign Desmond Bryant from Oakland

#3 - Draft someone, but don't panic. Either trade up and get someone special, or wait. But don't reach. I'd be okay if Kawaan Short was available at #28 and we drafted him. The trouble is, I'm not convinced he's a 0/1, which is what we need. In fact, I'm not sure how many 0/1's are first-round worthy. I'd also be happy if we drafted Brandon Williams, but obviously not in the first.

#4 - Draft someone on the second or third day. I've mentioned I like George Winn. But there are others I like too, such as Leviathan Bell out of Michigan State and Dennis Johnson from Arkansas. I know Willy likes Mike Gillislee out of Florida and I'd be down with that too.

#5 - Draft someone, but only if they're special. Otherwise, don't bother. This is clearly the most controversial/disagreeable need on this list. To me, if by some stroke of luck, Xavier Rhodes falls to us, you take him (provided he runs well). Otherwise, I'd wouldn't address this need, but would only look to add depth at CB.

#6 - Draft someone on the second or third day. I don't care who. Just someone better than Manny. The kid Quessenberry would be nice. Or I'd love Barrett Jones. But I'd prefer to not address this need prior to the third round.

#7 - Draft someone on the second or third day. I hope we land the mythical TE Killer here. I'd love to see us draft Cooper Taylor. Or Levonte Hollomon wouldn't make me vomit.

#8 - Draft someone on the second or third day. I'd take Tavon Austin in the first if he falls to us. But aside from him, I'd wait. I like Marquis Goodwill/Goodfeet/Goodburger from Texas. I think he'd allow us to drop Trindon Holliday, who I like, but who I wish could do more.

#9 - Draft someone on the second or third day. Maybe that Waddle kid from Texas Tech. He's 6'7 and 320 with 100 inch arms. He's a real project, but at least he gives us hope.

#10 - Draft someone. This could be addressed by #7 above. I like Bruton, but I just wish he could actually play safety. I want our special teams players to represent viable depth on offense and defense. And vice-versa. I don't think Bruton represents that.

#11 - Draft someone, possibly in the first round if the right guy falls to us. Otherwise, the second or third day are fine with me.

#12 - Draft someone or sign a UFDA. Someone cheap, who's a project.

#13 - Draft a project on the second or third day. I know this want/need is very, very early. And I'm probably getting ahead of myself. But eventually, we'll need to start thinking about replacing Doom.

So that's two free agents and 11 draft picks. Too bad we're cap-strapped and we only have six (or is it seven?) draft picks.

From my seat on an island of turds in a stream of urine, I think both Short and Rhodes will be gone by #28. So we either need to trade up or trade down. I'd be fine with either. But since Elway's shown a propensity to trade down, let's assume he goes that route. I won't speculate on the trade terms or partners, but let's say that we trade down into the second and pick up two fourths in the process. Now we're up to eight or nine picks.

This is how I could see it falling (about the code: "2-1" means OUR first pick in the second round, not THE first pick in the second round).

2-1 - Margus Hunt (Need #11)

2-2 -Brandon Williams (Need #3)

3-1 - Marquis Goodspeed (Need #8)

4-1 - Cooper Taylor (Need #7)

4-2- Brian Winters (Needs #6 & #9)

4-3 - Jon Major (Need #1)

5-1 - George Winn (Need #4)

7-1 - Brandon McGee (Need #5, but not really more in case Bolden ends up sucking)

Then I'd try to sign the following UDFA's:

LaAdrien Waddle (Need #9)

Jared Green (Need #3)

Sean Renfree (Need #12)

This was an interesting exercise for me and I hope it was a fun read for you. Prior to starting this, I never would have thought we'd select a DE with our first pick. And I'm not sure I'm happy about it. But...that's the way the turd tumbled. Regardless, this concludes this exercise in disappointment.

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