Post-Combine Mock

It feels good to be back at MHR! Draft Season is, by far, my favorite season. I love hearing differing opinions on potential prospects to join the Broncos. I'm going to give you a few of my wish list players after watching too much of the combine. Seriously, why does that always draw my attention? Because you'll have some freak of nature like Margus Hunt or Ziggy Ansah blow up nearly every drill. Or the obligatory Rich Eisen 40 yard dash. Or another Leon Sandcastle sighting. But mostly, I watch the combine to hope my favorite prospects back up their tape with equally impressive workouts. So who succeeded? Who failed miserably?

A lot of what happens during the draft depends on what happens during free agency but regardless the Broncos need to bring in young talent (who doesn't?). With only six picks in one of the deeper drafts in recent memory, moving down would be ideal, but not always possible. I'll give a few prospects at each pick since there's NO telling who will be available.


Alec Ogletree MLB Georgia

This dude is nasty! His tape is incredible. Put him in the middle of our defense please! Rodney wants a "Tight End Killer"? Look no further. Ogletree is a converted safety blessed with great ball skills and the athletic ability and size to hang with NFL TE's. I know he has some character issues, including a bone-headed DUI right before the combine, but I think that's why he drops to us. A lot will depend on how he handled himself in the combine interviews but he'll be a great fit at MLB. I'm guessing Brooking and Mays will both be gone giving Elway's praise over Irving and Johnson being able to play MLB tomorrow. The writing's on the wall, fellas.

Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State

I love Xavier Rhodes, but after a jaw-dropping combine performance I'm beginning to doubt his availability at the end of the 1st round. Rhodes plays tough and is awesome in man coverage. He possesses elite size and leaping ability to shut down big-time NFL wideouts. When Rhodes is in press man, he uses his length and great punch to re-route receivers. Combine that with his great straight-line speed, what is not to love about this dude?!? If he's available I'm running up to the podium with his name on the card.

Other options:

Arthur Brown MLB Kansas State - Foxy loves his fast, undersized 'backers. If he posts a great pro-day, could be a match made in Mile High.

Johnathon Cooper OG North Carolina - Super agile guard prospect would be an immediate starter making our offensive line elite. One of the better guard prospects to come out. Would have more hype if it wasn't for Warmack.


David Amerson CB North Carolina State

Amerson had top-5 tape last year and some really rough tape this year. We should take advantage of Amerson's tough year. He, like Rhodes, is blessed with elite size and great speed for the position. Champ could show him the ropes in his first few years. Some scouts have said this kid could even play safety. Amerson had some really good numbers at the combine so is he available here?

Dallas Thomas OT/OG Tennessee

Thomas is a terrific pass protector and would be awesome at RT. This would allow us to kick Franklin inside where I believe he would be a Pro Bowler. Thomas played very well all year in the SEC against the nations top pass rushers. He's also versatile enough to play guard if they want Franklin at tackle.

Other options:

John Jenkins DT Georgia - His weight scares me a bit, and maybe some NFL teams too. Jenkins moves like a man much smaller than he is so thats a plus. Could be an elite run defender.

Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina - We could take advantage of a super deep class of DTs we wont sniff Sharrif, Star, or Sheldon but the second-tier guys will do just fine.


Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern

More great depth at the DT position. A huge body with big potential at a small school. He really showed off during his week at the Senior Bowl. Probably mainly a run-stuffer at this point but his strength is elite. We all know we need youth and talent at DT.

Travis Frederick C/OG Wisconsin

Full disclosure...I'm a Wisconsin homer (more Badgers to come). But Frederick "The Beard" makes sense. J.D. Walton is not the answer at center and Frederick can play tomorrow. Would love to add Frederick to our line because he can play all three interior line positions which adds to his value.

Other options:

Marquise Goodwin WR Texas - Watching this guy run past DBs at the Senior Bowl put a huge smile on my face. As did his 40 at the combine. Surprisingly a better route runner than I anticipated. Put him in the slot and watch him fly.

William Gholston DE Michigan State - Could be a huge steal if selected here. This kid could be a special player if he can put everything together given his talent. He's freakishly built and would add much needed depth if anything. This allows Wolfe to kick back inside.


Montee Ball RB Wisconsin

I know, he's not that fast. He's got too many carries. I've watched Ball defy odds for four years at Wisconsin. He does nothing great but everything well. Ray Rice also had a ton of carries coming out of Rutgers and he seems to be just fine. Ball will produce. Book it.

Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan State

A terrific sized back. With a great combine he may move up a round. He, like Ball, was a workhorse for his team. I'll take either back for our future feature Bell is more impressive physically than Ball.

Other options:

Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina - This guy will be an absolute ROBBERY come year 2. If healthy, probably a top 10 selection. I'd make this investment today, and collect dividends for years to come. Does he go a round sooner based on potential?

Akeem Spence DT Illinois - Spence is a solid run defender. Not much of a pass rusher but has a ton of experience and would fit nicely in a rotation.


Sio Moore LB Connecticut

If D.J. Williams, Mays, & Brooking are all not back next year then we need some depth. Moore has some great tape but is a bit undersized. Hey, don't I know a coach that likes quick, undersized linebackers?

Tavarres King WR Georgia

King is a lean wideout prospect with good speed for the position. Played outside for the Dawgs and could be a late round steal. This kid has some natural talent and is a smooth athlete.

Other options:

Ricky Wagner OT Wisconsin - I know, I know... another Badger. Its getting sickening. But Wagner is great value here and is a better athlete than you would anticipate. A good run blocker Wagner would be designated to the right tackle spot and could project to play inside at guard in a pinch.

Jordan Hill DT Penn State - Hill has a thick lower frame and seems like he could contribute year one. Another potential player to add youth, strength, and talent to our DT position.



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