In The Midst Of Boredom - Defensive End

This exercise is more aimed at our positional needs and who we will select with our first pick (notice I didn't say #28, subject to change) of the 2013 draft. From now until draft day we'll be looking at every position on the team as a -"What if we direly need this position filled" we have to select this guy because he is the BPA for the need. This post isn't intended to suggest or make you believe that the DE position is the most needed position, but more of a what if it were, who would we pick and why.

Search your hearts and take a deeper look at the prospects the Denver Broncos might be interested in for one of our Defensive End positions to immediately start. But remember, it's just an excercise in getting to know these players and how they would fit John Fox's defensive scheme.Below are the names and schools of the prospective picks, and it is up to you to find everything you can on them from the time they started playing football, i.e. athleticism/production, measurements (height/weight/hand size/arm length, character, or anything else you can find on them and your reason why the Broncos should nail this guy with their pick.

These are defensive end prospects that might be first round picks. Some of them will taken higher than we might go to get them, but again this exercise leaves no loose ends for the position. You might want to trade up (explain in detail how you would do it), so show the details of the trade in making your selection by using the draft point value guide at

DE Prospects:

  • Bjoern Werner, Florida St. Jr. 6'4 273 lbs
  • Demontre Moore, Texas A&M Jr. 6'4 250 lbs
  • Dion Jordan, Oregon. Sr. 6'6 248 lbs
  • Datone Jones, UCLA. Jr. 6'4 280 lbs
  • Barkevious Mingo, LSU. Jr. 6'4 240 lbs
  • Ezekiel Ansah, BYU. Sr. 6'5 270 lbs
  • Sam Montgomery, LSU. Jr. 6'4 248 lbs
  • Alex Okafor, Texas. Sr. 6'4 260 lbs
  • Cornellius "Tank" Carradine, Florida St. Sr. 6'4 265 lbs
  • Margus Hunt, SMU. Sr. 6'8 288 lbs
  • Other DE you would like to select with the first pick.

These heights and weights may be different from the combine measurements. I took these from, and their last reassessment was February 16th. This is designed to get better acquainted with these young men, and you never know, one of these fine young gentlemen just might be a Denver Bronco on April 25th 2013. I would ask that you "recommend" this post if you think it's worthwhile and would want to participate in it. It will take time to dig up the facts and figures to make your claim, so there is no hurry today or tomorrow, but in order to do all the positions I would like to keep it in a timely manner.

Go Broncos!

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