Amazing volitility in the Mocks

I said this last year and this year it is even more profound. The draft boards and consensus among the sites I have visited (I go to lots of them) is all over the map. Many people are SO sure that KC will take a QB and others have them picking from 5-6 different players with the 1st pick.

What I have noticed is there is no #1 pick in this draft. There are quite a few really good players but no consensus top 5 picks. When the Broncos drafted Von Miller, the top 5 picks were there just who took them at what position. I have seen the DT from Utah projected as the #1 pick and as far down as the early teens. (sorry cant spell or say his name) Many mocks do not have a RB taken till the top of the 2nd round. It just seems weird there is so much variation on this year's draft.

Another interesting case is the S - Vacarro (sp) He has shown up as a top 10 pick and some have us picking him at 28. The combine and pro day work outs have never been more important it would appear in sealing the fate of this years crop of rookie draft picks.

Looks to me like we might have the advantage of sitting back and seeing who falls out that shouldn't that will have an impact. I look for us to take a player they expect to play right away with the first pick. Would not be surprised if they trade either direction but not very far and most likely down again. DT's and DE's seem to dominate this draft for value but I want that hidden gem to be OURS this year. (Maybe a 5th-6th round RB that can come in and make a HUGE impact that was not expected to) sound familiar? Maybe we can consult with Shanahan on that one haha. He seems to be good at that.

I know it is early but I really have always wanted to zero in on a few players and keep an eye on them. As it stands now, There are about 20+ that could fall to us at #28.

Also, my bet is KC WILL NOT draft a QB with the first pick and NO one will entertain trade offers which is what they would really like to do. No value to pay that much for a pick that is not a QB or guaranteed star.

Keep up the Mock drafts I love seeing all the info.


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