John Elway, Personnel Czar

Below is a not-quite-comprehensive list of notable player personnel moves made by John Elway since his return to Denver as a Broncos executive (apologies for the slightly awkward formatting), followed by some off-the-cuff analysis:

Draft Picks


1- 2 Von Miller, LB, Texas A&M

2 - 45 Rahim Moore, S, UCLA

2 - 46 Orlando Franklin, OT, Miami (FL)

3 - 67 Nate Irving, LB, North Carolina State

4 - 108 Quinton Carter, S, Oklahoma

4 - 129 Julius Thomas, TE, Portland State

6 - 189 Mike Mohamed, LB, California

7 - 204 Virgil Green, TE, Nevada

7 - 247 Jeremy Beal, LB, Oklahoma


2 - 36 Derek Wolfe, DT, Cincinnati

2 - 57 Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona State

3 - 67 Ronnie Hillman, RB, San Diego State

4 - 101 Omar Bolden, CB, Arizona State

4 - 108 Philip Blake, C, Baylor

5 - 137 Malik Jackson, DE, Tennessee



QB Kyle Orton


LB D.J. Williams



WR Brandon Lloyd (conditional 2012 draft pick)


QB Tim Tebow and a 7th round draft pick (4th and 6th round draft picks)



CB Tony Carter

TE Dante Rosario

WR Quan Cosby

CB Jonathan Wilhite


S Jim Leonhard

CB Tracy Porter

LB Keith Brooking

WR Brandon Stokley

DT Justin Bannan

DE Jason Hunter

TE Joel Dressen

TE Jacob Tamme

WR Andre Caldwell

QB Peyton Manning

S Mike Adams

WR Jason Hill



CB Champ Bailey


K Matt Prater

LB Joe Mays



S David Bruton

I must admit: I'm rather underwhelmed! Outside of Von Miller, Peyton Manning, and a few Peyton-selected role players, there really isn't anyone brought in that stands out.

Not everyone hits with the 2nd overall pick in the draft, so kudos for selecting a stud there, but isn't that to be expected with a pick that high? More credit is deserved for luring Peyton, but the jury will remain out on that move until Manning either brings the Lombardi back to Denver or he rides off into the unforgiving sunset without achieving the ultimate glory that they themselves set as the standard - taking our natural window with him.

What does stand out to me is the sheer volume of movement at TE, CB, S, LB (particular MLB), and DL. There seems to be no conviction in his choices and a troublesome lack of success despite a scatter-shot approach reminiscent of hoarding lottery tickets. Three off-seasons ago, this was a franchise with a young, burgeoning offense in desperate need of an overhaul on defense. Today, we stand as an established offense reaching its peak, paired with a defense that still has more questions than answers lining up across the field.

Whether our 13-3 record in 2012 was a harbinger of greatness to come or Fool's Gold is yet to be determined, but I'm not overflowing with confidence in the man at the helm. To be honest, it now seems to me as though Elway went all-in on Peyton, not because he thought we were that close to the summit, but rather because he realized he just couldn't build a contender from the ground up like he initially stated he would when he made his triumphant return. Considering the short window for Manning in Denver, this off-season may be critical for the Broncos. With limited resources, both in terms of cap room to spend in free agency and the quality of draft picks available, we can no longer rely on heroes like Peyton Manning and Von Miller joining the cause and moving the needle, but rather shrewd buys and impact sleepers to complete the squad. There's was little John Elway could not do as a player, but can he do that as an executive?

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