Selection Sunday...mock draft

With this Elvis debacle, I don't know if Elvis is coming or going? Time will tell. We have shored up a lot of holes in our team.

RG---Vazquez. This tells us all we need to know about Kuper and where he stands with his health. Kuper will either get cut or take a pay cut.

Slot WR---Wes Welker...what else is there to say. Better then Stockley, even though Stockley was never a problem last year. We pay 5M more for a the best slot guy in the NFL.

#2 CB or RCB---Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. I just hope he doesn't end up being anything like Porter. If he plays up to his abilities, like in Arizona, I don't think we will be able to afford him next year. If he ends up like Porter, it cost us 5M this year and nothing next year.

MLB---Stewart Bradley. He replaces Joe Mays, I would assume. I think 1.1M sounds better then 4M.

DT---Kevin Vickerson and Terrence Knighton...650 lbs of beef in the middle...WOW!!! Let the party start Baby!!!

Elvis, Elvis, Elvis...what to do about Elvis. We could resign Elvis, but at what cost. We could sign a cheaper option like Osi, Abraham, or Freeney. I think we should sign 1 of them. I think Freeney is Elways #1 option, but I'd like to see Osi play here. Of the last 3, 2 years for 4.5M each. This still cost us more then Elvis's pay cut.

Know to the Draft---1-28 Denver selects---Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M (6'5" 250). He played with Miller in his freshman year and had 5.5 sacks along with 6.5 TFL. There could be other options like Alex Okafor form Texas.

2-58 Denver selects---Phillip Thomas, CB, Fresno State (6'1" 208). Gives Moore a push and run for his money. I think he could beat him out. I wish I could see something different, but Moore needs to step it up. I a really high hopes for him when we drafted him and he has done nothing but let me down.

3-90 Denver selects---Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina (5'11" 221). I know most of you will not like this pick, but I see Lattimore as a top 10 talent with the unfortunate to have his knees hit hard. I think he could be back this year to help out, or at worse, he has to sit out his year. I see him as a AP type runner.

4th round---Corey Lemonier, DE, Auburn (6'3" 255). This is an insurance for our 1st round pick.

5th round pick---Tharold Simon, CB, LSU (6'2" 202). This covers our pick up of DRC. Pushes Carter and Boldin. This is a tread going with taller CB that can cover taller WR.

7th round---Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas (5'11" 227). Surprise, surprise, I took another RB. Knile really surprised at the combine. He's a bug back with speed. I could see a slot WR like Moe from Mizzu. Both guys could help the team down the road.

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