Elvis is going home, time to move on!

I was on the trade Doom to a 3-4 team train, but right now I am just tired of waiting for him to decide what he wants to do. Sign John Abraham and call it the end of free agency. I don't think we will pick in the first round again this year; I have us trading our 1st with San Fran for the 2.2 and 3.12. I don't have us drafting a MLB because we have 4 MLB right now and I think Bradley will start and will be resigned as the starter. No corner because we drafted Omar Bolden last year to develop him and Champ will be the corner for another 2 years despite the fact that I feel he's losing more than a step.

2. Malliciah Goodman Clemson DE- Some will say to early, but this guy had to be triple teamed by LSU because he's to disruptive. I had okafor here until I compared him to Goodman and Goodman wins for me. He stands out on almost every play.

2. Le'Veon Bell RB- He had a good combine and he is a solid RB between and outside the tackles. He's a patient runner that waits for his OL to open up holes and he's reliable catching the ball out of the backfield. Despite being a taller running back, he doesn't have a injury history. He needs work with his pass protection and needs to get stronger.

3. T.J. McDonald USC SS- He's coming for Mike Adams job! He is a in the box safety that can do it all. He's smart, dependable, and has good ball skills. He might be able to become a TE killer with his size and speed. He compliments Moore being a center fielder and him being in the box. He needs to get stronger, he can get pushed backwards when he stops running backs behind the LOS with more strength he makes more tackles for loss.

3. Marquise Goodwin Texas WR- Speed is not the reason I have us drafting him, he will be our future slot receiver. During the senior bowl he caught everything thrown at him and show some polished route running. He has similar size to Welker and with his speed and picking Welker's brain he can become a bigger headache to game plan for. His production slip last year, but he did miss their spring practices for the Olympics and they had a freshman quarterback; the year before he had 73 catches and over 1000 yards.

4. Joe Kruger Utah DE- He sheds blockers very well and he gets to the quarterback. He can bull rush and he can get skinny to beat his man. He can eventually be a decent starter and he's the little brother of Paul Kruger.

5. T.J. Barnes GT DT- This big bear stuffs the run and has a bull rush to collapse the pocket. He would be a developmental player for JDR while Vick and Knighton lead the way. He needs to get stronger for his size.

7. Mark Harrison Rutgers WR- This is a big physical receiver that can catch the ball short and take it for a touchdown. He's a DT clone, but needs to work on caching the ball more consistently.

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