Free Agency Recap Pt. 1

As free agency is dwindling down for the Broncos I think it's safe to say it has been a successful off-season (not even including the draft yet). It had its ups and downs, mostly ups. I hate to add to the pressure but the motto for me currently is Super Bowl or bust. But I feel with the front office we have we will be able to handle the pressure smoothly. We have great leaders on this football team in all areas. After the Broncos find Dumervil's replacement is safe to say Denver will be done shopping until the draft in April.


Louis Vasquez

Probably the signing I'm most pumped about. With the addition of Vasquez makes our o-line dominate, easily one of the best in the league. He's 25 hasn't missed a game (I may be wrong) and has only committed one penalty. We have a great core of guys to lead us into the future.

Wes Welker

The signing that created the most buzz around MHR is gonna be scary to put him in the slot. Bringing Welker to go along with Demaryius and Decker makes the Bronco WR corps elite. Maybe even the best Peyton has had to work with. Yeah I said it.

Dominque Rogers Cromartie

The main thing I felt that kept the Broncos defense from being utterly dominant was a ball-hawking DB and it seems like the FO are looking for answers. DRC is scary athletic and if pans out and reaches his potential sures up Champs long term replacement. Bringing DRC on a 1 year deal gives us a low risk high reward opportunity.

Terrance Knighton

Young, high ceiling player that gives us great depth. Don't know too much but from what I heard tends to be a tad inconsistent. I'm not worried, Knighton will fit perfectly into Del Rio's plans (former co-workers). I like the pick up looking like a upgrade from Bannan and could stay for awhile.

Stewart Bradley

Was decent in Philly, incognito in Arizona. Has been dealing with injuries is the reason his production suffered at this point in his career. Bradley should add depth and insurance if Nate Irving cant take over the ILB position.


Elvis Dumervil

Elvis Drama I mean Dumervil is the key depature and a series of events I'm glad is over. I loved Dumervil in Orange & Blue but was honstley on the back end of his career. He was lucky to have Von Miller on the other side of him generating enormous amounts of attention. I feel confident we can plug in Freeny or Abraham and draft a high potential guy early in the Draft and see the same results if not better results. It's just a shame Doom didn't wanna be apart of what Elway and Fox has done to push for a title but business is business and I wish him luck and will be the only reason I will pay attention to a Raven games (yuk).

D.J. Williams

A bit of a head ache but was productive on the field, and what I felt would've been our best option at ILB. I know many are glad to see him go. Seems like the FO was done with DJ's shenanigans, caught using performance enhancers and DUI's. DJ is now a Bear taking over Urlachers void and joining Cutler and B-Marsh as ex-Broncos.

Jason Hunter

Would've been nice to keep in the rotation and for depth. Missed the entire 2012-2013 season due to injury, can be easily replaced.

Caleb Hanie


Brandon Stokley

The original slot machine. Stokes was a personal favorite from last season, very sad to see his spot taken with-out hesitation. Stokley was awesome last season and had some of the most clutch passes I've ever seen that I don't even think Welker could have made. All in all Welker was more productive and the FO did the right thing, Stokley knows that. Glad to see Stokley handle the situation with class and hope is ready to go in case of an emergency.

Tracy Porter

Missed majority of the season due to seizures it's a darn shame we didn't get a good look of what he could do across from Champ. In the end won't be missed Chris Harris did a great job taking over and with the additon of DRC and surely adding some young corners through the draft and don't forget about Omar Bolden, not a fan of Tony Carter I think he's a tad over rated. Just a tad.

I'm glad to witness what Elway has done to this franchise so far off the field. We have an outstanding looking team on paper with tons of character and scary part is that it's just began. Still lots of player cuts coming and adding players through the draft. Super Bowl or bust is the motto.

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