An Open Letter to Elvis Dumervil - Part Deux


I don't know how exactly you got in Baltimore, and I don't know why for certain. But I do know that you took me as a fan from super excited and behind you 100% to ultimately disappointed and looking forward to the problems you face with your new team.

BIG SIDE NOTE: see how I spelled out in pretty clear words my feelings? Your tweet was a pathetic attempt at trying to be proper without any sincerity, regret, or meaning. You aren't running for governor and you won't be ever in your life, so don't worry about being PC...your fans deserve your sincere feelings and we got BS instead. That was weak stuff, son.

I'm still going to appreciate your time with the Denver Broncos, because you had a great run with us. Thanks for the memories. I still feel 100% that our team is better with you than without you and I think most in Broncos Country feel the same. You are a great player.

Now to the part where we take a bit of a turn. The thing that your pride is getting the way of is the realization that you also are better with the Broncos than without them. I don't know that you'll ever really hear that, but my eyes and my knowledge tell me that it is true. Wink as a coach is fool's gold. You aren't going to see as much single coverage as you did last year unless Suggs gets a body replacement. Your perfect situation was here in Denver where Miller's presence kept you clean so you could do what you do.

Let me get back to that pride thing. Because truly that's the crux of what this about. I don't think for a second the difference of 500k was what made you pick the Ravens. I think that them offering a smudge more just made it easy for you to cop out. You ditched your team and your fans. Both deserve more.

I get that the fax snafu sucks and that you (if you are being honest about this completely being the agent's fault and that you didn't know anything about it...which I put at about a 70% likelihood) really got rubbed the wrong way because our contract offer changed. That's the deal aren't in high school anymore. If there is a colossal fail of epic proportions that costs you big bucks, guess who is ultimately responsible for that? That's right son...deep down inside you know it is on you. You hired that pathetic excuse for an agent. You chose to play contract chicken with the deadline and didn't swerve in time. Why are you trying to make this the fault of the Broncos? I'd get it if you just came out and said you were worth more and that you felt insulted, but that isn't what happened.

The bottom line is this: You aren't worth more money (unfortunately). You are a great talent as a player. You did your fans wrong. Worse yet, you did the Broncos organization wrong who treated you sooooo right for many years.

I look forward to the chorus of boos that will greet you whenever you play against us in the future. I look forward to seeing you fall short in any way, shape or form. Congrats Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, and their ilk, you've cried your way out of Denver. Enjoy your stay at jokeland east.



P.S. I'll let Broncos Country decide on if they agree with me on this one...I know they would have all been behind my last letter.

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