March 27 Pro Days

Thankfully, my forays into Pro Day reports were much more propitious Wednesday as I found several analyses which were well done by athletic departments throughout the country.

First of all, at Columbia, S.C., the South Carolina Gamecocks had 18 prospects showcase their wares before representatives of 31 of the 32 NFL teams although, at the forefront, as you probably surmised, tailback Marcus Lattimore did not participate.

Tailback Kenny Miles had the fastest 40-yard dash time, running a 4.50 split while also posting a 36'5-vertical jump and a 10-foot broad jump.

Linebacker Damario Jeffery also posted impressive numbers, running a 4.73 40-yard dash, posting a 37'5 vertical jump and amassing a 10-9 broad jump.

Defensive tackle Byron Jerideau posted 37 reps of the requisite bench press, or considerably more than Tyrann Mathieu did and speaking of which, LSU is our next stop.

At Baton Rouge, La., 19 former Bayou Bengals worked out, including the self-glossed Honey Badger who ran a 4.5-40-yard dash, posted a 6.87 time in the 3-cone drill and fulfilled a 34"0 vertical jump.

Additionally, Michael Ford ran a 4.4-40 yard dash and posted a 38'5 vertical jump as well as a 6.87 mark in the 3-cone drill.

Vaunted defensive back Eric Reid ran a 4.5 40-yard dash, posted a 6.99 time in the 3-cone drill and amassed a 40'5 vertical jump, undoubtedly causing pro scouts to salivate at his prospects all the more.

At Dallas, the Southern Methodist Mustangs were led by safety Chris Banjo who ran a 4.41 40-yard dash, so if for nothing else, you know the Oakland Raiders have become markedly interested.

In all seriousness though, SMU wideout Austin Fuller was highly impressive posting a 38'0 vertical jump and running a respectable 4.71 yard dash, and running a team-best 11.35 seconds in the 60-yard shuttle.

Finally, at Los Angeles, the USC Trojans conducted their Pro Day which received rave reviews, being broadcast on NFL Network while the coverage primarily revolved around Matt Barkley's performance.

Since I was fortuitous enough to find a feed at work, I am bereft of numbers and results but I could see Barkley in action.

As a slight wind hovered throughout the Los Angeles Coliseum, Barkley looked above-average on throws between the hashes and intermediate routes, such as slants, hooks and short posts but, whenever he threw to his left on intermediate routes and longer, his passes seemed to flutter.

Barkley's target was former All-American Robert Woods, whom NFL Network draftnik Mike Mayock deems to be a solid second-round prospect who does an adept job of cradling the ball and shielding it from defenders.

As Barkley and Woods moved to the red zone for drills, Woods' true value was realized as he adroitly tapped his toes and made solid catches so his worth at the next level should be indisputable.

Well, it was a pleasure to post more results and I hope tomorrow is just as propitious.

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