Why we need to move back in the draft

Well this is my first contribution to MHR and hopefully it holds up to the standard that I am used to reading here. Saying that, I would like to delve into the subject of this years draft and the future of the team.

I myself am a big advocate of moving back in the draft and this year is no different. The depth of talent with this years players really could fall into our laps if the Johns choose to let it. We have needs as it is already, but come next year we could be in big trouble with the amount of players that we have eligible for some sort of free agency. There are 34, yes 34 players that we could potentially lose and there are more than I can count on one hand that will require a substantial pay upgrade. Quite frankly I'm not sure we will have the room to accommodate their demands, nevertheless we need to bring in a lot of players this year to make up for the losses that we will incur next season. Sadly I think we may see some of our favorite players left in the dust.

So even though we are in need of an infusion of talent this year, I believe our best bet would be to acquire as much talent for next year. I believe we can achieve this by trading back our first pick for a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, even if it means us moving towards the end of the 2nd round. I also believe we can move back with our third to get us a three and five, but more than likely a four and five. Like I said as many players as we can get will only help us in the future and if we're going to do it, this is the year that we must take this chance.

To get to my point I believe that the Johns, have to duty to get as much talent as they can in this draft and the only way to do this is by shrewdly trading back and getting as many Denver players as they can this year to build depth, because if they don't, we may just end up with a shell of a team come 2014.

Here is a list of free agents that we have next season.

Most notable; Ayers, Beadles, Clady, Colquitt, Decker, Cromartie, Walton, Woodyard, Harris, Holiday

Adams, Mike S 200 32 9 Delaware UFA

Ayers, Robert DE 274 27 4 Tennessee UFA

Ball, Lance RB 215 27 4 Maryland UFA

Beadles, Zane G 305 26 3 Utah UFA

Bradley, Stewart LB 258 29 6 Nebraska UFA

Caldwell, Andre WR 190 27 5 Florida UFA

Clady, Ryan T 315 26 5 Boise State UFA

Clark, Chris T 305 27 3 Southern Miss. UFA

Colquitt, Britton P 205 28 4 Tennessee UFA

Decker, Eric WR 218 26 3 Minnesota UFA

Hester, Jacob FB 235 27 5 LSU UFA

Ramirez, Manny G 313 30 6 Texas Tech UFA

Rodgers. Cromartie, Dominique CB 182 26 5 Tennessee State UFA

Walton, J.D. C 305 26 3 Baylor UFA

Woodyard, Wesley WLB 229 26 5 Kentucky UFA

Carter, Tony CB 175 26 4 Florida State RFA

Davis, C.J. C/G 308 26 3 Pittsburgh RFA

Harris, Chris CB 190 23 2 Kansas RFA

Unrein, Mitch DT 291 26 3 Wyoming RFA

Beal, Jeremy DE 276 25 1 Oklahoma ERFA

Boren, Justin G 315 24 1 Ohio State ERFA

Butler, Mario CB 187 24 1 Georgia Tech ERFA

Cornick, Paul T 310 24 R North Dakota State ERFA

Fannin, Mario RB 224 25 2 Auburn ERFA

Garland, Ben DT 275 24 1 Air Force ERFA

Gideon, Blake S 205 23 R Texas ERFA

Holliday, Trindon WR 170 26 2 LSU ERFA

Ihenacho, Duke S 205 23 R San Jose State ERFA

Johnson, Jeremiah RB 200 26 3 Oregon ERFA

Orton, Greg WR 199 26 R Purdue ERFA

Saulsberry, Quentin C 305 24 R Mississippi State ERFA

Siliga, Sealver DT 307 22 1 Utah ERFA

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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