In The Midst of Boredom - Defensive Backs

Today I had a thought. Now that Joe Flacco is a mega-millionaire, maybe he should ring up Rahim Moore and offer his condolences by sending him a check for $5 Mil. Seriously, would Joe Flacco ever of gotten his huge contract if it weren't for Moore's late game blunder? I think not. Even if Joe thinks "I earned it", there has to be something that guided him in the direction of being the highest paid quarterback in NFL history. Let's face it folks, does anyone think he would have got the huge payday if it weren't for Moore? Honestly? Not even close if your a prudent organization like the Ravens are purportedly to be, his contract would have been in the $80-90 mil area at most.

I love the inflated-eliteness that has been betsowed upon him, it takes monies away from the other team needs. And now that he is the most paid, are they [Ravens] really turning into the dynasty the sports media blow-hards say they will be? Will they repeat as Super Bowl contenders now that the great Ray Lewis is retiring? They do have plenty of talented players at several positions to make that statement, but they also have a lot of free agents that they will have to deal with. It will be interesting to follow the drabble that the media spurts out, but the brevity of it is still remains to be seen. Speaking of future, what's in the Broncos future for the DB positions?

Looking at our group of players, things are looking up, but still there are questions. Will Champ move to safety soon? Will Mike Adams [who is under contract] still be on the team come training camp? How is Quinton Carter's rehab going? Is Rahim Moore in the Broncos future? Who will play RCB opposite of Champ? Specialist/backup Safety David Bruton is a free agent, will the Broncos try to resign him? I don't know if I was more pissed off at Moore for the gaffe or with Tony Carter for not staying with his man [Jacoby Jones]? Is Omar Bolden a bonifide #2 CB or more of a nickleback? The DB equation doesn't add uo to the sum of perfection by any means, and should be addressed either by free agency or the draft. Let's talk about prospects in this draft class that we might draft April 25th - 27th, and who we might bring in as UDFAs.

For this assignment, we won't reguire that "just" a first round pick will be chosen, but pick the player you think the Broncos will select, and a brief statement why and what round. Here is a list of prospects that might be on the roster come training camp, and if you have somebody else in mind please give us your choice. Remember, the Johns have been in the habit of picking two prospects of the same position/unit.


Dee Milliner, 5'11 201lbs Alabama (Jr)

Xavier Rhodes, 6'1 210lbs Florida St. (Jr)

Desmond Trufant, 5'11 190lbs Washington (Sr)

Johnthan Banks, 6'2 185lbs Mississippi St (Sr)

Jamar Taylor, 5'10 192lbs Boise St (Sr)

Jordan Poyer, 5'11 197lbs Oregon St (Sr)

David Amerson, 6'1 205lbs North Carolina St (Jr)

Logan Ryan, 5'11 191lbs Rutgers (Jr)

Leon McFadden, 5'10 193lbs San Diego St (Sr)

Robert Alford, 5'10 188lbs SE Loiusiana (Sr)

Terry Hawthorne, 5'11 190lbs Illinois (Sr)

Darius Slay, 6'0 192lbs Mississippi St (Sr)

Tyrann Mathieu 5'8 186lbs LSU (Jr)


Kenny Vacarro, 6'0 214lbs Texas (Sr)

Matt Elam, 5'9 208 Florida (Jr)

Jonathan Ciprien, 6'0 217lbs Florida Int'l (Sr)

Shawn Williams, 5'11 213lbs Georgia (Sr)

Robert Lester, 6'1 220lbs Alabama (Sr)

JJ Wilcox, 6'0 213lbs Southern Georgia (Sr)

Phillip Thomas, 6'0 208lbs Fresno St (Sr)

Shamarko Thomas, 5'8 213lbs Syracuse (Sr)

Zeke Motta, 6'2 213lbs Notre Dame (Sr)

Baccari Rambo, 6'0 211lbs Georgia (Sr)

Eric Reid, 6'1 213lbs LSU (Sr)

TJ McDonald, 6'2 219lbs USC (Sr)

As we cast our imaginations and dreams upon the altars of fandom, and embark on the journey to the other shores, to the land called Lombardi, we must pick up supplies for the arduous trip ahead of us. There is a lot of talented deph in this draft, and it will behove our front office to get as many as they can. Free agency starts next week and the Broncos are busy right now evaluating the players available and trying to figure out who fits the need for the money they want to spend.

So, let's see your picks...

50 days until the draft...

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