With Free Agency looming...

Free Agency is about to take off. Beginning March 12, Free Agency should clear up a lot of team's intentions with their top picks in the upcoming draft in April. The bigger fish like Mike Wallace, Jake Long, Wes Welker, Greg Jennings will all test their value and probably command a high salary. With decent cap space, the John's should look at some quality players that could push us over the hump to the Super Bowl. No need to sign the "top-tier" players when plenty are available at reasonable prices. Based on our perceived needs, I'll run a list of some potential additions through free agency in no particular order. Let me know who you love, like, and hate as potential additions.

Matt Moore, Quarterback - I've seen the Broncos linked unofficially a bit with Moore. Seems to be a quality backup but I really don't see the need to add a quarterback but if the Johns want to add one, Moore could come in and add quality depth.

Brandon Moore, Guard - Brandon Moore is an older player but is still getting the job done at a high level. Mr. Butt Fumble was a bright spot in the deep, dark cave that was the New York Jets. Moore will only go where he is a starter probably and if Kuper can return to full strength, Moore may not be a good option. I'm not 100% sold on Beadles but I like his age a lot more than Moore's. I think looking at signing a guard will depend on Kuper.

Delanie Walker, Tight End - I know tight end is not really a need but I had to put Walker on this list. I love how he plays the game and would add a dynamic player for Peyton to use. Not a realistic signing in my opinion but Walker does it all and does it all at a very high level. He'll probably return to San Fran but it excites me thinking what he could do with our offense. Such an incredible athlete for the position.

Brent Grimes, Cornerback - Grimes is coming off a torn achilles tendon which is a gruesome injury. But Grimes really opened some eyes playing in Atlanta. He's undersized but is really a game-changer. If a cornerback is to be added, Grimes deserves a look. The injury history scares me and the draft is pretty deep at corner so we could add one their, too.

Michael Bennett, Defensive End - Bennett had nine sacks this past year and is still young. He has shown to be a pretty good pass-rusher but his price tag may be a bit steep. Defensive end has been discussed a lot on other posts as an immediate need/upgrade. Especially considering the fact the front office is trying to get Elvis Dumervil to take a pay-cut or get cut? Seems harsh. No restructuring offer? Just guarantee most of his cut salary? I would hate to see Dumervil go. On a side note, signing Bennett sounds like it would require a signing of his brother Martellus as well, therefore, you probably have to pass.

Dwight Freeney, Defensive End - Pretty much the same situation as Bennett, except older. Freeney is really a similar type of player as Dumervil so signing him and keeping Dumervil doesn't make much sense to me. But I have read that the Broncos have been in contact with him...or was that just Peyton reaching out to him?

William Moore, Safety - Moore does a little bit of everything it seems at the safety position. I thought he'd have a deal worked out with Atlanta and still probably will before it's all said and done. Considering the Falcons cut Turner and Abraham they made room for him to get a deal done. Moore, to me, would be a nice upgrade but is a long shot.

Steven Jackson, Running Back - Another player that could fit well with the Broncos is Jackson. This would require probably cutting Moreno, McGahee, or both. Jackson has a lot of wear and tear on his body but could provide a boost to our RBs for a couple years and keeps Hillman where he belongs, as the 3rd down back. And please, please, no Shonn Greene.

Wes Welker/Danny Amendola, Wide Receiver - We could add Wes/Danny as our slot guy and have a crazy dynamic offense and score a bunch. Oh, wait, we have a high-scoring offense already. Sign someone like Austin Collie or bring back Stokley and hope the Johns draft "their guy" for the future. Welker/Amendola have durability issues and both probably come with a high price tag.

Eric Winston, Right Tackle - Winston was a surprise cut to me and could be a nice addition IF the coaches want Orlando Franklin to move inside. Winston is a great run blocker and not the best pass protector, so maybe not the best fit for our pass-first offense.

Charles Woodson, Safety/Corner - Chuck would be an interesting addition for the Broncos. He probably will get around $5 million for a year or possibly $10 million for two. He's still got some gas in the tank and still can make plays! I'm interested in hearing opinions on Chuck.

Nnamdi Asomugha, Cornerback - Looks like Nnamdi is going to be released by the Eagles any day now. He did not fit the Eagle's defensive scheme and the dream team is falling apart. If we can ask Nnamdi to play a lot of man, he could be a great fit. Our corners are good now, but depth and age (Champ) is an issue. If Chris Harris has to play in the slot all year then we'd have one of the top slot cover guys with two great corners on the outside. I'm fine with Champ staying at corner for another year or two but I don't want to throw someone in to hit spot as a rookie when Champ hangs up the cleats. I'd much rather have a guy in place for a year or two to gain some experience. And Nnamdi doesn't exactly fit the mold to be that guy so I'd rather draft a Xavier Rhodes in the 1st or Amerson in the 2nd or even Poyer in the 2nd.

Terrance Knighton, Defensive Tackle - Knighton would be a great addition for our interior line. He's a big-bodied tackle and played for Del Rio in the past so we have that going for us. But how much pay does he command?

Richard Seymour, Defensive Tackle - Seymour can still get it done! I think he could provide some interior pass rush for us and probably comes relatively cheap. Do you think he has anything left in the tank?

Glenn Dorsey, Defensive Tackle - I really hope the front office takes a look at Dorsey. I think a change of scenery, and more importantly a change of scheme, will do him wonders. He could be a very reasonably-priced difference maker for us in our 4-3.

Rey Maualuga, Middle Linebacker - Could be an upgrade but is probably a two-down linebacker which leaves us where we started. I think D.J. is gone so that creates a need for more depth/another starter in the linebacker corps. If he's cheap enough, I wouldn't hate the signing. Would come much cheaper than Ellerbe

Free Agency should go a long way in telling us where the Johns want to go with their early picks. I also realize a LOT will depend on what the front office decides to do with our own guys. Let me know if I forgot anyone we should look at. Or among the guys I listed, who do you want to sign? Who do you want to run from?

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