Broncos Brass Shows Up in Utah; Other March 7 Pro Days

Here is Day 2 of what I hope proves to be an anthology series and, thanks to a tip from our own Sayre Bedinger, I learned that Broncos brass were in Logan, Utah for Utah State's pro day.

It bears mentioning that previously the Broncos have had success with former USU Aggies, Rulon Jones and Greg Kragen, among them but among the Aggies' standouts were wide receiver Matt Austin, a 6'2, 202-pound specimen who had a team-best 4.50 yard dash on the day.

Defensive back Will Davis, who performed well in the Senior Bowl earlier this winter, sat out of all tests with the exception of the vertical jump, which saw him post a mark of 36 inches. Reportedly, Broncos' coaches were interested in Davis so he did show some solid qualities.

In my old LDS mission stomping grounds in Tucson, Ariz., star Wildcats who worked out for scouts proved to be quarterback Matt Scott, who looks to join Nick Foles, as the second consecutive U of A starter to take snaps in a regular season NFL game, not a bad feat for a program whose previous greatest signal-caller in the past 30 years was Ortege Jenkins.

Scott, according to an report, was lauded for his ability to throw balls swiftly while putting zing on passes without having his hands on the laces (to be honest, I know nothing about the finer points of quarterbacking so I'm uncertain whether such a skill is valuable or not).

Anyway, Scott's teammate, Mark Watley, a free safety and general jack of all trades on special teams, ran 40 times in 4.44 and 4.47 seconds respectively while posting a 38 1/2-vertical jump, so if nothing else, we know he possesses tremendous athleticism, a common hallmark for many Arizona prospects through the years.

Thankfully, I am wise enough to follow the highly talented and prolific Miami sportscaster, Courtney Fallon on Twitter, who was active on her account in telling of the Miami (Fla.) Pro Day which also occurred Thursday.

While the Hurricanes have not won at the same clip that they have in previous glory days, they still enrapture the gaze of many NFL teams as, Fallon reported, all 32 teams had representatives at the Coral Gables, Fla. campus to witness the exploits of the latest class of UM prospects. The Broncos were represented by collegiate scout Nick Schiralli.

I'm indebted to an in-depth report on, which outlines all of the results of Miami (Fla.) prospects in every conceivable test the players participated in.

The swiftest 40 time among former Hurricanes was that of wideout Kendal Thompkins who ran a 4.37 and at 5'9" 176 pounds appears to be a Santana/Sinorice Moss type (now, McGeorge, I know you have a greater command of Hurricane football than any other Broncos fan so I would appreciate any other knowledge on these prospects you could share if you'd like to).

Defensive back Vaughn Telemague posted a 36-0 vertical jump to earn the highest mark among Hurricane prospects Thursday while linebacker Ramon Buchanan amassed a 10-8 broad jump and defensive lineman Darius Smith fulfilled 33 reps on the bench press, or 27 more than Tyrann Mathieu, who many seem to believe is a future star.

Hopefully you guys deem this satisfactory so please peruse the contents and tell me what you think: GO BRONCOS!!!

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