J-man P Poll before F A 2013

1 San Fran - They are in the best Pos as of now only 2 Glaring needs CB and back up QB and 15 Draft Picks makes them a fav as of now

2 Seattle Great home-field adv underrated QB Strong running game Underrated D they are SF Lite

3 New England their track rec is too good to doubt them but if they lose Walker they fall out of the top 5

4 Denver i had Denver at 2 but i am thinking we might lose Doom I think Elway really wants Revis and if the jets take Doom and a 2 Or a 3 we could give revis a big money deal If we Lose Doom without getting Freeney or revis we might fall out of the top 5 as well

5 Atl I Think they will get S Jackson and if Tony G comes Back they move up

6 Hou Great Off will win a lot of Reg season games but can Matt S win the big game

7 Balt why this low they had a magical run but u cant recreate that every year plus they will lose some big pieces and is flacco M Rynen 2.0

8 GB They have the best QB but no d

9 Indy 43 mil in cap room a superstar QB do not be shocked if NE or Den plays this team in the AFC Tittle game

10 New Orl my sleeper Team I Thick S Payton is worth 2-3 wins alone and r ryan is what they need

11 NYG Eli is tough and the g-men always draft well

12 Wash They would be higher but RG3 Health is a worry

13 St Louis they are in the toughest div and were 4-1-1 in it if they can get a RB and 1 wr watch out

14 Miami saitey D much like the rams they need a RB and a WR

15 Ciny will they spend the money to me it seems management is happy being a 9 10 win team and 1 and out

16 SD this is a 9 win team at best wiz plays too safe and McCoy will be like Allen will be scared of Denver

17 Chi this is the 2007 broncos now they will miss lovie a lot

18 Car souild be higher but can cam do it for a full season

19 Buff will be better than some think if they can get E J Manuel or Geno smith

20 Minn AP is the best in the NFL but can their QB be better

21 TB they are no pushover but they are 2 years away

22 Dal this a team on the downswing no depth might only win 6 games

23 pitt no O-line Weak D Line ava LB'S AVA Running game 10-6 if everything goes right 4-12 if not

24 Tenn Is Locker the answer who knows can there key players stay healthy who knows

25 Oak this team has a void of talent without a stud qb this team is 3-4 years away at best

26 zona they should be higher but they play in a brutal div and no QB No shot

27 Cle this team might be better than pitt if they can get a QB watch out in 2015

28 KC they have done some good but threw most of it away with getting A Smith he is M Cassel 2.0 they are 5-11 at best

29 Philly M Vick running the option out by week 5 D Dixon is their best qb suited for Kelley Off right now Kelly is steve S 2.0

30 Det they lack chemistry and is Stafford a little overrated Other than Johnson this team is way overrated

31 Jax MJD should have a better year this is a 3-4 win team

32 NYJ Revis is gone no cap room Sancez is just a guy no RB Dont be shocked if the JETS ARE on the clock for the num 1 pick next year

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