Idaho Nate's Mock of Who not to Mock!

I've really enjoyed everybodies mock draft and have decided it's time for my own. I'd like to start by saying that I've actually never picked a correct pick for the Broncos in a mock draft in my entire life, so I've included the following players that will probably not be donning orange & blue this year.

Prior to completing this mock, I decided the following needs were MLB, DE, CB/S, RB, WR & OL & DL Depth. I happen to also think K is a need too but my favorite kicker strained her hammy and I don't think she'll be drafted so I didn't include her.

Now before everybody jumps down my A$$ for picking people they think will be gone, I've looked at several rankings & mock drafts and some players were reaches while some I think may be gone when we pick.

Without further ado, here's the dudes that will probably be playing on other squads this year:

>#28 Denver trades to Philadelphia for picks #35, #101 (4th), and #136 (5th) Philadelphia trades up to grab E.J. Manuel

2nd #35 Denver selects a. Arthur Brown, Ogletree, or Te'o MLB is the only position I believe we can draft a plug n play guy from day #1 and improve our team. one of these guys will fall, here's hoping it's Brown.

2nd #58 Jamie Collins DE/OLB Southern Miss 6'3 250lbs I know everybody will say that Collins is only a fit for 3-4 OLB but I disagree. Del Rio likes to use multiple fronts and I think Collins would be awesome as a Hybrid OLB/DE that can get after the QB. As a converted S, Collins also has the ability to cover a TE but I believe he'd be used as a wide 9 DE in Nickel situations. I just believe he's too good to pass up at this spot.

3rd #90 David Amerson CB/S NCST I have a hard time seeing Amerson falling this far but I've seen other mocks that have him falling further than this. Once considered a 1st round pick, Amerson has really dropped since the combine. Amerson has the ability to take over as a #1 CB and also played S in high school. Check out Ted's article on IAOFM the other day. He says Amerson is his favorite prospect to play safety.

4th #101 (From Eagles) Brandon Williams NT Missouri Southern. Williams was one of my favorite prospects from the Senior Bowl and really dominated at Missouri Southern. He should be a great 0/1 Tech to groom and for depth.

4th #125 Tyrann Mathieu CB/S LSUIf Mathieu falls this far, he'd be a steal. I think grabbing Amerson and Mathieu will create tons of flexibility and depth at corner and safety. I see Mathieu being a nickel in the box type of Safety/Nickel/Dime Back who can create turnovers and cover the TE position.

5th #136 (From Eagles) Chris Harper WR Kansas StHarper is one of my favorite late round players in this draft. I watched him play a lot last year and he really impresses me. He's not the biggest or fastest WR but he's incredibly strong, runs great routes, and will fight for the ball. I think he'd be great depth behind Black & Decker.

5th #161 Zach Line FB/RB SMU 6'1 230lbs Here is our chance to finally try and find a big rb who can pick up the tough yards. Line was exceptional at SMU with 4,185 rushing yards, 5.4 Avg, 47 TD's, with 75 rec for 599 yards. Line sounds capable of pass protecting, can catch the ball, and is a bruiser between the tackles. He projects as a FB in the NFL which I know we don't really use, but it would sure be nice to see a bruiser helping us close out games late.

STRENGTHS - SMU's Zach Line is a good athlete with a strong, thick build with good foot quickness and agility to consider for the position at the NFL level. He shows very good competitiveness as a runner, particularly between the tackles as he fights for extra yards and falls forward almost all the time. He has good instincts and will generally find the right cutback lane or hole to hit. Line is a good pass protector who will give up his body to make a play for his quarterback. He shows good hands with the ability to adjust to the ball in the air out of the backfield, especially on screen passes. Line is a durable, tough player who consistently plays a tough brand of football.

WEAKNESSES - Line has only average play speed and explosiveness with the ball in his hands, and he lacks the suddenness to take defenders miss on a regular basis. He is a move-the-chains type of runner in college and is not a player who will hit the home run. He lacks the speed to turn the corner and make long runs at the next level. While he gives a good effort in pass protection, he does miss and can lose in pass protection. Line is not going to gain a lot of yards after the catch as he lacks explosion. He has no return value for special teams, but he is a player who must make a mark on special teams

7th #234 Garret Gilkey T/G Chadron St. I just couldn't pass up the chance to draft a future Guard who could possibly play swing tackle as well from my alma matter Chadron. Gilkey dominated much like Woodhead did at Chadron and is projected as a Guard in the NFL. He should provide quality depth for G and T.

There you have it folks, if I was a gambling man, I would bet that we don't pick a single one of these dudes, but here's hoping I may finally get one right this year! What does everybody think?

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