The Emperor's Imperial Weekend Thread: I love you all ed.


Back by popular demand! Seeing as last week's open thread went so swimmingly, I, your beloved Emporer (intentional misspelling) have brought it back for the second week in a row! So a few rules to abide by when in the "royal palace"

1. No cursing. If you must do a F*** or a sh** but lets keep it PG 13 folks.

2. Leave bad blood at the door. If you got beef with someone, don't continue it here.

3. Leave trolling at the door as well. If you must troll, please come up with something more clever-er than "Donkeys"

4. Dont turn this place into a mess of a thread over politics, race, war religion, etc.

5. Respect each other.

Don't follow these rules, and my Imperial Homies Bronco Mike and Tim Lynch will handle ya'. Here's a pic:


(Artist's Rendition)

Well, now that the ground rules are out of the way, lets talk about some of the things that have happened in the last week:

Wrestlemania happened last week for the 29th year at the home of the Sanchise.

About 2 weekends ago, "Mile High" Mike Alvarado avenged his lone loss to Brandon Rios and brought the IBF Super Lightweight belt back to the Mile high city. Lets hear it for one of Denver's own!

Eli Manning molested the eff out of Chris Mortenson's hair.

Peyton is developing a fast repertoire with Wes Welker.

A little birdie told me that Bradfather has hooked up with Sofia Vergara. More details on that as the weekend unfolds.

BIG shout out to Bronco Mike and K Monty for making this such a hit last week

Calikula's Imperial Quote of the Week:

This one is from one of my favorite movies Gangs of New York.

"Boss Tweed: You killed an elected official?
Bill: Who elected him?
Boss Tweed: You don't know what you've done to yourself.
Bill: [taps his glass eye with a knife] I know your works. You are neither cold nor hot. So because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth. You can build your filthy world without me. I took the father. Now I'll take the son. You tell young Vallon I'm gonna paint Paradise Square with his blood. Two coats. I'll festoon my bedchamber with his guts. As for you, Mr. Tammany-f******-Hall, you come down to the Points again, and you'll be dispatched by my own hand. Get back to your celebration and let me eat in peace."

And finally your hot chick of the week:



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