2013 Draft - Positions of need and why

I am putting together my thoughts on positions the Broncos will be drafting and why. Of course given the last two years, I believe that Elway/Fox really pay attention to value which could mean the late picks could be any position.

Need from high to low:

CB - The Broncos seem to want to address this position sooner rather than later. Champ has two years left on his contract and I believe he will fulfill it. DRC is on what is essentially a one-year contract. The Broncos seem to want Chris Harris at nickel, where is probably the best nickel CB in the league. Tony Carter seems to only have man-cover skills and Omar Boldin is unproven. I see the Broncos drafting a CB with one of the first three picks.

DE - Losing Dumervil really hurts the Denver pass rush. I think Robert Ayers can play well as a replacement RDE due to his play against the run. But, the Broncos need to draft a pass rusher to develop and split time or take over the RDE position. I believe Denver will continue to use Derek Wolfe at LDE on base and move inside on passing downs.

RB - I hope I'm not giving you new things here. The Broncos need a larger back to go with Ronnie Hillman. Both McGahee and Moreno have injury concerns and Lance Ball is essentially a special teamer who's getting paid 1.3 million this year if he makes the team...Is Hestor a FB or a RB and does he make the team? My bets for the RB pick: Stefan Taylor, Monte Ball, Christine Michael, Johnathan Franklin and Le'veon Bell (I'm hoping not here). Zac Stacey would be a good later round pick in my opinion.

WR - We have Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Wes Welker and we need a WR? YES! Decker is on a contract year and both Thomas and Welker have two years left. Matt Willis is....Matt Willis and only contributes on special teams. The forever inactive Bubba Caldwell didn't really contribute a thing last year and who knows if he even makes the team. I haven't seen anything from Orton or Robinson that makes me feel that they make the active roster. This is a deep WR draft and I believe the Broncos will draft a larger WR in the middle rounds.

DT - I believe this is further down on my mine (and the Broncos) list. They have pot roast and big Vick for two years at 1 tech and 3 tech. They like Unrein as a rotational player. I think they like Malik Jackson as a rotational DT/DE as well. I really believe that Broncos will draft DT later in the rounds like 5-6. I like Kwame Geathers a lot as a two-down NT.

OT - I think Denver can upgrade o-line depth by drafting a backup OT/OG prospect. Chris Clark is on the last year of his contract. I think Denver will get a long term deal done with Ryan Clady. Orlando Franklin looked pretty good last year at RT.

S - From everything I've gathered, the Broncos are happier about their safeties than most of the rest of us. They did draft Moore and Carter and brought in Adams. I think Moore will get better and Carter looked to be the starter at SS before he got injured last year in the dome. I think the Broncos may draft a safety prospect later in the draft.

LB - SLB and WLB positions are locked up and Travathan looks to be great as a backup at WLB and nickel backer. Elway has said publicly that Nate Irving and Steven Johnson will compete for the starting MLB position and they signed Stewart Bradley as a backup/insurance. I actually like Bradley and I think he's a better fit at 4-3 MLB than ILB in the 3-4. Joe Mays will most likely be cut after June 1st. I think the Broncos may draft a MLB/SLB prospect in the later rounds.

G/C - The Broncos seem to really like Philip Blake. I don't know why we really didn't see anything from him last year before he got hurt. We are set at LG/RG with Beadles and Vasquez. I'm sorry, but I think Kuper is cut June 1st. If some player they like falls to the late rounds, I can see then drafting them.

QB - Good teams draft and develop QB's. I think Denver may draft a QB late in the rounds as a 3rd stringer and/or practice squad guy.

FB - The Broncos don't have a true FB on the roster. I know that Virgil Green was used some at FB in jumbo packages. This could be a pick or addressed in a UDFA.

TE - The current front office signed/drafted in all 4 TE's on the roster. I doubt Denver drafts a TE, but they could in the late rounds if someone they like falls.

K/P - I know there was some Prater hate last year, but I think we are set at these positions

Please tell me what you think. :)

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