Grad's 2013 Mock Draft v2

Well, I took a first stab at a 2013 Mock a couple of weeks ago and went with Hunt in the first at #28. I'm convinced now that Denver won't be picking on day one and will let another team get their quarterback at the end of the first round. With that in mind, here is Grad's Mock v2:

TRADE: Denver trades it's 1st Round Pick (#28 overall) to the Buffalo Bills for their 2nd Round (#41 overall) and their 3rd Round (#71)

Round 2 - Pick #41 (via Buffalo Bills)


D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston

There is a lot going on here at the 41st overall selection. The question will be: "which projected first rounder has slipped to the 2nd round?" Now, that could be Sylvester Williams (which would please me to no end). It could be Kevin Minter (also a big plus for the Broncos) could be Elam, Trufant, Cyprion, Rhodes, Hunt or Carradine. Bottom line is that one of these premier defenders is going to fall into the Bronco's waiting laps at #41. Which will it be? My money is on DJ Hayden...the come back kid. Yes, he almost died. Yes, a freak collision tore a major artery leading into his heart. He's back...better than ever. If you haven't seen this kid's's worth looking up...and he'd look fantastic in Orange and Blue!

Round 2 - Pick #58


Jonathon Franklin, RB, UCLA

There are just way to many question marks with the Denver's backfield right now. Hillman will never be an every down back but I do believe that Franklin can be. Franklin solidifies that backfield. While I love Willis...and was impressed with Knowshon down the stretch, we simply can't rely upon RBs who are consistently injured and can't help us in the post season. Drafting a RB has to be a high priority in this draft.

Round 3 - Pick #71 (via Buffalo Bills)


Jonathan Jenkins, DT, Georgia

Jenkins is a mountain of a man...which is part of the concern. He ballooned up to 370 lbs at one point and concerns about his ability to maintain his weight (now down to 347) has hurt his stock. Denver will gladly add this beef to the interior of our Defensive line.

Round 3 - Pick #90


William Gholston, DE, Michigan State

Gholston was a 5 star blue chipper who never completely lived up to his potential. However, there is no doubt about his raw ability. As a rotational player, he'd have great value at #90.

TRADE: Denver trades its 4th Round pick (#125) its 5th Round Pick (#161) and its 7th Round Pick (#234) to the Jacksonville Jaguars for their 4th Round pick (#98 overall)

Round 4 - Pick #98


Jon Bostic, ILB, Florida

Denver again looks to address the lack of depth on the Defensive side of the ball with trading up to get the ILB from Florida. Bostic is a solid, instinctive middle linebacker who can grow into a solid NFL starter. His immediate impact, of course, will be on special teams.

Is trading up to get Bostic worth it? In my opinion, given the talent remaining on the board, it would be. Have the Broncos addressed all of their needs? Well, they didn't add depth on the Offensive Line...but with the addition of Vasquez, I think we have more depth than we've had in the last three years (depending on the health of Kuper). We haven't added depth at WR, but again, I don't see that a late round WR is going to do much or add much to our squad. Andre Caldwell is likely to be better than any WR we draft in Rounds 4-7 and so making the squad is pretty unlikely. We've added CB, RB, DT, DE, ILB...all 5 are quality guys...all 5 should add to the team, both this year and the foreseeable future.


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