6 month mock project finally ready

After 6 months studies this is what I believe to be the perfect Bronco draft for 2013. Please enjoy and lets get the draft started ! Go Broncos!

1st round Pick # 28 Options

A. Trade down to top of 2nd round . Jax # 32, San Fran #34 , Philly #35 or the Bills @ 41. Pick up extra 3 or Swap 2, 3,and 4 from back of rounds to top. Then Take left over of Werner, Tank, DJ Hayden, Damontre Moore ------- I bet Moore (Von Miller connection and best pass rusher in draft)

B. Pick a DE- B. Werner, Tank, CB Hayden At 28

C. Take Tao, Rhodes if they fall

D. Pick DB. Trufant, Taylor or Safety Elam or Reid.

My Prediction is that they trade down. They covet many players in the 2nd and 3rd round

2nd Round # 58 Options

A. If traded back then they should be in the 32nd to 41 pick range. Pick is best available of the D ends above or Hayden at Cb.

B. Pick at 58 –If they picked DE already the best available corner. Or vice versa – for cb Hayden, Amerson, or Banks. If they picked a DB early the Margus Hunt is considered if Available.

C. If the pick up a early third then its Amerson at NC state , and then take best inside LB @ 58- Minter, Bostic, or Alonso.

My guess they have traded and have an early 2nd and the 58th pick. My prediction is Damontre Moore for the early 2 and CB Amerson @ 58 (A 6ft 2inch, 195lb CB/S, runs 4.4 40. Very Versatile CB/safety with time to grow into his role.

3rd round Pick # 90 Options

This round is deep in OLB/ DE, Rb’s Hybrid O linemen and especially Safety. Denver needs all of that. Denver would love to trade up from day 3 to get another 3rd here. This is the Bonus round.

A. Since they swapped # 28 for a early 2nd they get a early 3rd in return. They need a bruiser back and Covet Leveon Belle and maybe Christine Michael. Both are projected late 3rds but they wont wait again to miss and settle for another scat back. -Pick is Bell

B. If they don’t have an early 3rd they still want Bell, Michael or Ball in that order. Pick is still Bell

C. If they get Bell early in the 3rd they have many good players to consider.

D. OLB Jaime Collins is a sleeper. Sio Moore, Sean Porter, Kaseem Greene, Jelani Jenkins are attractive at Olb/De also. Safeties are Rambo, Swearinger, Phillip Thomas, Shamarko Thomas, J.J Wilcox.

E. Too may versatile O linemen to mention. They need another cog that can snap the ball. Qwessenbery of San Jose State , Barret Jones of Alabama, or Travis Frederick of Wisconsin.

Prediction : Leveon Bell- RB Michigan State They either have an early 3rd from the trade to take him or they make a trade up for an early third and take him. Either way, He will be a Bronco. A bruiser to grind out the clock and punish opposing defenses. Finally!

And at # 90 SURPRISE!!!!!---- Ryan Swope of Texas A&M. A future all pro and Eric Decker's replacement as he is in a contract year and will want more than he is worth.

4th round # 125

This round is full of 2nd tier Safeties, Rb's , corners d linemen and quarterbacks. Along with a couple surprises like Tyran Mathew and some small school stand outs. This is a great place to pick up a safety falling from the 3rd

A. If any one of the players above in the 3rd round fall they take that player.

B. Take the best safety on the board.

C. Elway has a woody for Qb’s and is considering Zac Dysart

My Prediction: Safety TJ McDonald of USC. 6 foot 3 inch, 205lb safety. An aggressive and hard hitting safety. Can cover TE's and come in the box in a 3rd down package. Mike Adams replacement. The "Gronkowski killer." A steal at this point and projected to be there.

5th round # 161

At this point the Broncos have hit it big for the skill positions but they need depth on the offense and defensive line. The could use another backer too. This is the round to add the best player available at o line, d line or linebacker.

A. ILB Mike Mauti of Penn State, DE Mike Catapano of Princeton are attractive but Denver is very worried that so many of their o line is coming off of surgery and a few of them are in contract years. Besides, Manning does not like getting touched.

B. Maybe another cb since there are many very good ones left on the board.

My prediction: Brian Swenke Center at Cal. (at the back of the 4th) They don't have a sixth and are already excited so they don't wait around for the 7th round. They trade the 5th,7th and a late future pick to go back into the back of the 4th and pick a great center. Can start, insurance against free agency next year and adds badly needed depth.

Denver is done with the draft and all holes are filled in with exceptional players that can start next year except d tackle. Add a couple more free agents to plugs holes in the d line. They bring Bannon back and maybe Freeney for the right price.

Recap 6 Starters-IMO

Round 2 pick # 33, 34, 35 or 41 are received for trading down/ out of 28.

Denver receives this pick and early 3rd.

  • Early 2nd pick- Damontre Moore- DE Texas A&M.
  • Round 2 pick # 58 Damid Amerson- Cb NC State
  • Early round 3 received for trading down /out of 28 Leveonne Bell, RB Michigan State
  • Late 3rd # 90 Ryan Swope- WR Texas A&M
  • 4th round # 125 T.J. Mcdonald Safety USC
  • 5th Round # 161 Trade 5th, 7th and future late round pick to go into back of 4th round. Brian Swenke -Center Cal.

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