Digger24 Gets GM Of The Year!

The Te'oists are most likely pissed, because the closest the Broncos came to signing a LB is when they signed former San Diego Chargers LB/DE Shaun Phillips on day three. Some like him as a third down RDE.

As you all know by now, the Broncos picked 3 on defense and three on offense until the 7th round tie breaker turned this years draft into a win for the offense when we selected QB Zac Dysert:

Round 1: Broncos Draft DT Sylvester Williams

Round 2: Broncos Draft RB Montee Ball

Round 3: Broncos draft DB Kayvon Webster

Round 5: Broncos draft DE Quanterus Smith

Round 5: Broncos draft WR Tavarres King

Round 6: Broncos draft OT Vinston Painter

Round 7: Broncos draft QB Zac Dysert

Two MHR Members selected DT Sylvester Williams in the first round. They were sbsbroncofan & Digger24. The most popular selection by far was DE Quanterus Smith, selected in the 4th round by Risky, 5th round by jshaw546, 7th round by WillyBFree2Bronc, and picked up as a UDFA by ultraclassic04.

Digger24 is the only member to select DB Kayvon Webster but waited until the 7th round, and ElwayFanJ is the only member to select QB Zac Dysert but took him in the 4th, which given a little hindsight I believe he will admit that it was a bit of a reach.

There were no other picks that we made that matched the Broncos front office selections, but you can take a guess as to who we may pick up as UDFA's since those pick ups aren't in yet.

GM Digger gets Elway's job for the year for being the only member who picked two of the same players as the FO, getting one of them in the correct round.

MY BAD!!!! I SOMEHOW MISSED THE FACT THAT sbsbroncofan also got two players correct, Sly & Q. Smith! Looks like he and digger are going to have to switch off weekends as the GM/HC! Oh well, perhaps next year I can get it right the first time.

1. Sly Williams DT
2. J. Pugh OT
3. K. Reddick ILB
4. Q. Smith DE
5. C. Vernon WR
7. D. Hopkins K
Of course I could be wrong....

by sbsbroncofan on Apr 18, 2013

HC sbsbroncofan grabs Foxy's job this year for being the only member (besides Digger) to select our #1 pick.

OC ElwayFanJ gets Gase's job for the year for being the only one to select an offensive player correctly.

DC jshaw546 grabs Jack Del Rio's job for selecting DE Quanterus Smith in the correct round, and he has plenty of assistant coaches on his side of the ball. (Risky, D-line; WillyBFree2Bronc, LB's & ultraclassic04, DB's)

Well, again I'd like to thank everyone who helped out with the picks this year. Hopefully we will have a second annual edition of this again next year, but until then, GO BRONCO'S!

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