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Position Battles (presented in order of MY depth chart

RB- Willis McGahee, Ronnie Hillman, Knowshon Moreno, Montee Ball, Jacob Hester

Analysis: McGahee is the incumbent given his resume and overall skill before injury in 2012. When healthy he's still a workhorse back that grinds for extra yardage in the run game and has above average hands to pair with solid pass blocking skills. Ronnie Hillman will be given a chance to prove himself in the quicker-paced offense they plan on installing. I surmise the Broncos are looking to trade Knowshon now that he has elevated value after his late season performance. Therefore, I think barring the cutting of McGahee (which may very well happen) this group is set in stone. Hester stays on the 53 as a situational fullback.

LDE: Robert Ayers, Shaun Phillips, Quanterus Smith

Analysis: While I fully expect a rotation here it'll be interesting to see Ayers' development in his pass rushing skills. I, like some others on this site, believe that he had a very solid finish to the season and is poised to produce solid numbers in 2013-14. Even with that I expect Von to slide here on obvious passing downs, with some combination of Ayers-Wolfe-Williams-Smith covers the rest of the line.

RG: Luis Vasquez, Cris Kuper

Analysis: I expect that Kuper will not be a Bronco next season, if they can't get any value for him (due to his injuries) then they may be able to stash him on the PUP or the IR. But the dude deserves to play, and the Broncos owe him better than that. The idea has been entertained that Kuper could play center, but that's a stretch- and the Broncos like JD Walton. Maybe if he compiles some good tape in the pre-season the Broncos can swing him for a 5th or 6th rounder.

MLB: Nate Irving, Stewart Bradley, Steven Johnson

Analysis: This one is completely up in the air. Bradley is the most accomplished and can certainly win the starting job, especially if he relishes the oppurtunity when dropping in to coverage. Either way all can play solid special teams, and the won't see a whole lot of snaps regardless of who starts.

SS: Mike Adams, Quinton Carter

Analysis: This is my personal favorite. I thought the Broncos should have acquired a matchup safety early on in the draft, obviously that didn't happen- that could say a lot about the Broncos' faith in Carter. Ultimately, which ever safety proves he can cover tight ends better deserves to start.

Possible Free Agent Acquisitions:

Available Safeties:

Babineaux, Jordan SS Released 6-0 210 9 Seasons Tennessee
Bigby, Atari SS Released 5-11 211 7 Seasons San Diego
Rhodes, Kerry FS Released 6-3 212 8 Seasons Arizona
Smith, Eric FS Released 6-1 207 7 Seasons N.Y. Jets
Woodson, Charles SS Released 6-1 202 15 Seasons Green Bay

Name Position Status Height Weight Experience Previous Team 2013 Team
Williams, Madieu FS UFA 6-1 209 9 Seasons Washington
Sensabaugh, Gerald FS UFA 6-1 212 8 Seasons Dallas
Peprah, Charlie SS UFA 5-11 203 7 Seasons Dallas
Mikell, Quintin FS UFA 5-10 204 10 Seasons St. Louis
Martin, Sherrod FS UFA 6-1 200 4 Seasons Carolina
Lynch, Corey SS UFA 6-0 210 5 Seasons San Diego
Hope, Chris SS UFA 6-0 208 11 Seasons Atlanta
Hanson, Joselio FS UFA 5-9 185 8 Seasons Oakland
Griffin, Cedric SS UFA 6-0 195 7 Seasons Washington
Giordano, Matt FS UFA 5-11 204 8 Seasons Oakland
Frampton, Eric SS UFA 5-11 205 6 Seasons Dallas
Elam, Abram FS UFA 6-0 212 7 Seasons Kansas City
Crocker, Chris SS UFA 5-11 197 10 Seasons Cincinnati
Clements, Nate SS UFA 6-0 205 12 Seasons Cincinnati
Bell, Yeremiah SS UFA 6-0 205 9 Seasons N.Y. Jets
Barrett, Josh SS UFA 6-2 225 5 Seasons New England
Barber, Ronde FS UFA 5-10 184 16 Seasons Tampa Bay

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