The No Bull 2013 Draft Review

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Now that we have our new Bronco draftees, let's take the time to take a peek at them and review how they fit into the team. First off, I'll take a 10,000 ft. view and look at our picks compared to what I thought was our needs going into the draft. Then we'll take a look at the guys and my wild %@$ guess at what their impact will be this season and in the near future. Finally, I'll throw out a few thoughts I have on our team strategies that come to mind based on the picks.

No-Bull Needs vs Broncos FO (aka: the people who actually get paid to do this stuff)

Original post:

Big Needs:

  1. Running Back - Drafted one in the 2nd round that we like. This is pretty high to take a RB in my opinion. It tells me the FO felt the same way I did about the RB position. We need a significant injection of fresh blood here. They really liked Montee to take him this high.
  2. Middle Line Backer - Big ziltch for the No-Bull Review here. Obviously the team doesn't feel the same way I do about the MLB position. More on this later...
  3. Defensive End - Drafted one in the 5th round. We also signed FA Shaun Phillips. This tells me the FO thought it was a pretty big deal. More on this later as well...

Useful picks:

  1. Safety - Crickets. There is no scheme excuse for this position. Either the team just missed out on the guys our team liked, they like the guys we have on the team a ton, or they didn't think this weakness was a big deal. I've always said I like Quenton Carter a lot. I've also said I have some big questions about Rahim Moore and Mike Adams. This part of our roster is probably my biggest worry on the team currently.
  2. Kicker - I'm starting to think that Matt Prater is in on the incriminating photos that Lance Ball has of the coaches and FO. I didn't even see a kicker in our list of UDFA. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Over? This is my second biggest worry on the team.
  3. Defensive Tackle - Finally our prayers have been answered. Many of us have pined away for a talented DT early in the draft for years. It wasn't a big need in my opinion, but the guy fell into our lap. It was a gift that we couldn't pass up (thank goodness).

Luxury / Planning for the Future:

  1. Wide Reciever - We picked up a speedy guy in the 5th round that was just what the Sadaraine ordered. No worries about WR depth from me at this point.
  2. Tackle - Another Bingo here...we picked up a good prospect in the 6th round.
  3. Cornerback - I don't know about this pick, but it does fit the position I pegged pre-draft. John Elway loves him some CBs. And from what I've read he loves him some little-known CBs at that.

Completely Unnecessary:

  1. Quarterback - A 7th round pick doesn't really count to me...I don't think anyone expects this kid to stick around other than the practice squad.
  2. Others - I had a few other positions listed here, but suffice to say it doesn't appear like we did anything that I would consider stupid in this draft as far as picking up unnecessary positions.

Draft Pick Impact:

Round 1: Sylvester Williams DT

This kid has the potential to be a starter this year. That's no guarantee that he will be, but at the very least we will see him in on obvious passing situations. He's a big inside guy that can penetrate and make plays in the backfield. He is a cat I'm going to have my eye on come training camp. If he doesn't see the field much this year, I would be disappointed (although I wouldn't call him a bust).

Round 2: Montee Ball RB

Here's another guy that we should see a lot of this year. RBs taken in rounds 1 or 2 should sure as heck be showing you something right away. For us to use a round 2 pick on one says to me that we see Montee as an upgrade to our current RB group.

Round 3: Kayvon Webster CB

I would hope that we see this guy stick with the team. My fear is that he won't. I don't know how a rookie is going to beat out Champ Bailey, Chris Harris, Tony Carter, or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. To me we are in a lose-lose here. If Keyvon stays, Omar Boldin goes. Maybe I'm worrying too much and we can just carry 6 CBs on the roster.

Round 5: Quanterus Smith DE

I would be impressed if this guy had a big impact this year. It is more likely that he will provide depth for the team as he learns the game, gets some coaching, and expands his repertoire of moves. I see this guy in the same light that I saw Malik Jackson last year. Its a good pick, but we'll need to see if he develops.

Round 5: Tavarres King WR

This is another guy that I don't expect to see on the field much. He'll need to develop route running and familiarity with the NFL game before he can have a big impact. I could see him on the field on special sets running go routes for sure, but I don't expect it. Peyton Manning isn't big on 4 WR sets that tell the defense what he's doing and invites blitzes that have a high chance of success.

Round 6: Vinston Painter OT

Starter? Nope. Depth? Probably. I like this signing a lot and I think he will have the opportunity to provide us with depth at the T position while he improves his game. If we see him on the field this year, that's bad news for us.

Round 7: Zac Dysert QB

So to me this is the definition of camp fodder. I don't see us keeping more than two QBs on the active roster. This is the kind of guy you may be able to put on the practice squad though. That is probably the ceiling for this pick. We'll know more in the pre-season though.

Personnel / Strategy Notes

  • The Denver Broncos don't seem to be prioritizing the MLB position. That isn't the biggest deal in the world. Some have lamented pretty strongly not having a MLB. I did say I think there are situations where you want a guy that is a good MLB. We have guys on the team who can fill in on 3rd and short. My questions would be: Are they savvy enough to read the play and make the tackle? Are they big enough to take down the runner without giving up first down yardage? From what I've seen I don't think so. But I'm not very worried about this overall...we won't often have three functioning LBs on the field at one time anyway. When we do, Del Rio can scheme it so that the extra guy has specific easy to follow assignments.
  • We liked someone else for DE and someone else picked them before us. You can tell that because of the quick signing of Shaun Phillips. I don't know who, but my bet would be someone in the 1st or 2nd round.
  • It seems to me like our preference is going to be to play lots of man coverages. That would be one explanation for picking up another CB especially when you read his scouting report. He and Tony Carter seem very similar in that they both have solid man skills.
  • Offensively, our FO and coaches like what we have going a lot. It is a credit to last year's development that we didn't need to spend a lot of draft picks on skill positions on offense. Yeah, we got a RB, but our high picks (and by logic high talent picks) were skewed for the defense.
  • The Broncos don't think Quentin Carter's injury is a big deal
  • The Broncos think Rahim Moore is going to progress just fine from last year.
  • Lance Ball is the fo shizzle rizzle dizzle yo!

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