My thoughts on the draft (including a unique point or two)

I am usually content to just read the posts and comments here. There are enough smart people here that I find my views are pretty well represented (Yes, I am implying that the people who share my views are the smart ones). While I agree with what seems to be the majority opinion about our draft, I have a few thoughts that are not being voiced enough. So here are my thoughts on our draft picks.

Pick #28: I don’t have much to say about our first two picks that hasn’t already been said. Going into the draft there were about 15 players that I really liked for the Broncos. Early on, mock drafts rarely had any of them lasting past pick 20. As draft day got closer, one or two of them were often falling further, but they didn’t usually get past the Vikings at 25. So I didn’t have high hopes going into the draft. I wasn’t in front of the TV for the entire first round, but checked in occasionally. When I checked in after the Bears picked and saw who was left, I finally started getting my hopes up, and was excited to have Sylvester Williams fall to us.

Pick #58 I don't have much to add to what others have said. The way the draft board fell, I think this was the right place to grab a RB. I didn’t look much at RBs prior to the draft, and didn’t have a strong opinion on any of them. I know a lot of people liked Lacy, Bell, or other backs better. But after looking at Ball, I like what I see. He is not the fastest runner, but he is fast enough; he is not the strongest runner, but he is strong enough. I was mostly seeing highlights, so take this with a grain of salt, but the thing that impressed me is that he always seemed to make the right cut to get the most from each run. If he is any good in pass protection, he should start above any of our other backs, and with no rookie QBs expected to be great right away, I would not be surprised if he were in the mix for offensive ROY.

Pick #90 OK, here is where it really starts.

WARNING: I am about to say something negative about our draft. This does not mean I hate the Broncos or think they suck. This does not mean I think I know more than Elway. This does not mean I am not giving the kid a chance.

Now that we have that out of the way . . .

To me this looks like an Al Davis pick.

Yes, I went there.

I think we picked this guy much higher than he should have been picked because he is fast.

Many people are taking solace in the rumor that Bill Belichick was maybe, perhaps, targeting him with pick 91. That could be true, and I generally support any action that irks Belichick. But have you seen his track record for drafting corners? If Belichick was after this guy, isn’t that almost a red flag?

We already had 3 starting-quality CBs on the roster plus a marginal starter in Carter and a young developmental guy in Bolden, so this was not a player we reached for out of need. I hope he proves me wrong, but this strikes me as a wasted pick.

Before you hammer me in the comments, let me again remind you: this does not mean I hate the Broncos or think they suck; this does not mean I think I know more than Elway; this does not mean I am not giving the kid a chance.

Pick #125 This was a good trade. I would not have minded taking Quinton Patton or taking a flyer on Marcus Lattimore, or Denard Robinson, but we didn’t miss out on anyone I really wanted. In fact, when I saw the board I was hoping our pick would be Patton or Q. Smith. So to get Smith plus a pick was great.

Pick #146 Speaking of Quanterus, I like the pick. We got a high potential player in the 5th round. However, my expectations are not as high as many around here seem to have. He had a great game against Alabama, and he clearly has some skills, but don’t put too much into the fact that he was leading the nation in sacks (12 ½) before his injury. He had 3 against ‘Bama which is great, but keep in mind that Alabama was average in pass protection (tied for 54th in sacks allowed in 2012). He also had 3 ½ against Arkansas State and 5 against March Madness Cinderella Florida International. He had a total of 1 sack in his other 6 games. I think he was the best pick for us at this slot. Just don’t expect too much too early.

Pick #161 I think King can be a good #4 WR for us this year. PFM’s stare should be enough to make him hold onto the ball.

Pick #173 I don’t know anything about Vinston Painter, but his name will give the preseason announcers plenty of opportunity for bad puns.

Pick #234 I was worried we would pick Dysert in the 5th. I would have hated him as a 5th round pick, but I like him as a 7th round pick.

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