I have to get something off my chest

In case you didn't know, I don't like typical Bronco fans for many reasons. One, they watch Broncos games like my niece watches Dora the Explorer. She has no clue about what is going on, but she loves every minute of it. If that offends you, then you may want to take a look in the mirror. There are a great core of knowledgeable fans here, and that's why I post here. I know this a fan site and fans like to state their opinion for good or bad. Hey, this is 'murica and I personally fought for the right so knock yourself out. But, I can be critical, make fun of and ridicule. And I expect you to do the same. Hopefully, we both learn something.

I want to point out some things because I keep seeing the same trends about the Broncos personnel here both pre and post draft.

The Broncos have a full-time scouting staff and a very good front office in case you didn't know

Just because you saw one nationally televised game of Alabama and saw Eddie Lacy go bat-guano wild against a good Notre Dame defense, it doesn't make you smarter than the Broncos. Oh and Le'veon Bell went before the Broncos pick....I know you're a fan and you want to celebrate your guys.

Rahim Moore and the safety position

In case you weren't paying attention, Moore had a pretty solid year last year and Adams was fine as well. No one said a thing until Moore picked the playoff game to have a bad game. Champ also had a bad game. I think we should remove him from HoF contention now. <-------sarcasm I want to point out, where was the pass rush on those plays that Moore and company got burnt? Where was Miller? Where was faxDum? Just going to point out that Dumervil wasn't even on that play that won the game for Baltimore. Ayers was in and made Flacco step up and throw the ball. Quintin Carter was projected as the starter at SS last year before he got hurt and should have the job over Adams this year. The Broncos like their safeties get used to it. No seriously, get used to it.

The MLB position

The first things I want to point out is that the Broncos are in nickel (2 linebackers) about 65% of the time, based on last year and that Keith Brooking was our starting MLB last year for most of the year. In case you don't know, Brooking is ancient. The Broncos don't think MLB is an important as the expects here think. They think that Nate Irving/Steven Johnson/Stewart Bradley can be just fine for 2 downs. If not, the Broncos can bring back Brooking. Let's not panic here people.

The Defensive Line

I keep seeing people want the Broncos to bring in Richard Seymour....Freeney....last year's sushi. The Broncos have had a plan all along about the defensive line. I know losing Dumervil wasn't exactly what they wanted, but they didn't want to play him $12 million either. The Broncos brought in Shaun Phillips to be the 3rd down RDE to replace Dumervil and that's fine. Ayers will get the start on running downs. The Broncos are set at DT with pot roast, big Vick, Williams (future stud) and Unrein. Also, they drafted a RDE of the future with Quan Smith. They know what they are doing. Please stop pining for free agents that haven't been signed by 31 other teams. Jeez

In closing

The Broncos front office knows a helluva lot more than us. They got rid of Tebow and brought in Peyton Manning. They signed Wes Welker. What are we all so worried about?

Flame on!

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