Montee Ball: Over/Under


As we grind down the time between now and training camp, I'm going to take a look at specific players on offense and defense. The goal here? Have fun and project each player's statistical output. Next up? Rookie RB Montee Ball.

Montee Ball



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Just what kind of production have rookie running backs had under Head Coach John Fox? The answers lie within...Jonathan Stewart had 184 carries his rookie season which was by far the most. Ronnie Hillman had 84 carries last season. 320 is an unlikely number but I threw it out there because it averages out to 20 carries per game. Montee Ball is a workhorse, but expect for there to be a rotation, and this all assumes Ball wins the starting role in TC.

For reference, Doug Martin had 319 carries last season. Terrell Davis had 237 in 1995. Montee's total should be between 200-250 carries (12-16 per game). TD also eclipsed 1000 yards with 1117 which came out to a 4.7 average per carry.

Depending on the amount of carries he's given, a successful season for Montee as the feature back could mean 1000 yards. I project him reaching that goal as long as he hits the 240 carry mark. Whether he attains the 4.5 average per carry remains to be seen though he averaged 6.1, 6.3, and 5.1 yards per carry respectively the past three seasons.

One thing is for sure though, he is a TD machine and I think the 10 TD mark is more than attainable. The other good aspect about Montee Ball is he does not fumble, something that has plagued Broncos ball carriers the past couple of seasons. I would be surprised if he had 2 or more fumbles.

Word out of rookie minicamp was that Ball caught the rock well and looked like a natural receiver. TD posted 49 receptions his rookie year, it shouldn't be too hard for Montee to exceed 20 receptions, especially with how much Knowshon Moreno was used as a receiver during his time as the starter.

The ZBS is a boon for Montee and I expect some good things from both him and Ronnie Hillman, perhaps the little guy will hit a HR or two.

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