Foxy Playing a Game of 'Chicken' with Von Miller

As we all know Miller Farms is up and running, 38 chickens in total. And he''s apparently more excited about it than Timmy Tebow was at his introductory press conference with the Sanchize, the former Aggie only used it five times however. Well, I'm sure we're all just as excited to invest in the meteoric rise of Miller Farms this isn't a Financial Advisory website (nor a Poultry Enthusiast one.)

In fact, we are much more excited about the eighty-eight chickens Foxy corralled at Dove Valley- by the way the Broncos still have a approximately six million dollars in cap space after draft pick signings and Joe May's inevitable cut- while the addition of Foxy's twenty-three new spring chickens, in draft picks and UFA signings, it's the absence and subsequent acquisition of veteran Shaun Phillips that could re-define the Broncos season, and maybe more importantly Von Miller's career (as well as his body.)

First, let me continue my already prolonged preface by stating that I know Rodney ,along with a few of you others, have been preaching this for while. Initially, I opposed the idea. However, with recent developments I'm beginning to change my rather stubborn mind.

I, as many others, shrugged off the front office's statements that Shaun Phillips would back up the SAM linebacker position behind incumbent pro-bowler Von Miller. Mainly because he was an obvious replacement at defensive end for Elvis Dumervil. Although speculators to this theory may disagree considering Phillip's has never played defensive end in his career, his 6'3, 250 pound frame- along with the fact his thirty-second birthday is in eight days- lend credence to his proposed position switch. It's certainly more plausible then the 237 pound Miller converting to a full-time defensive end. Right?

However, recent news is Von Miller has bulked up to nearly 270 pounds. Either Von is getting high of his own supply... of chickens... or there is something Foxy going on at DVCC.

For those of you who don't know, that's Dove Valley Countryclub (that's right we're back to the stogie-puffin, scotch-drinkin, porterhouse-eatin country club atmosphere of the late 90's Broncos Country! Much thanks to John, John, Jack, and Peyton.

Most recently Miller has been passionatley admiring Elvis' tacticionary aproach to the game, and JJ Watt's intensity. While it's perfectly normal for a player to emulate elite players, his choice of two defensive ends provides some intrigue when coupled with his recent weight gain.

I think we all know that the Broncos, along with the rest of the NFL's 31 teams, have scheme variability, especially within the defensive front seven. Suffice it to say that regardless of whether Von is adding weight to convert to a true defensive end or not, he will be playing an elevated number of snaps on the line (especially with Dumervil's departure.) The question is, how many snaps?

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