13/14 Salary Cap Status

So I went and mashed some numbers last night, thanks in large part to Rodney Adams and a bunch of others. I figured I'd clean up all my comments so people can have a look.

Cap used and cap space are below; with rollover, we have basically 38 million for next year. (10.7 + 27.3)

2013 Broncos $118,789,980 $10,697,563
2014 Broncos $110,157,397 $27,347,080

Rodney’s listing 41.5* as a ballpark for all our FA’s. That's 3.5 short. Here's a list of some guys who'd bring cap value:

(* Rodney actually lists 46.5, but DRC is already counted and has a contract, so I knock that off)

(Name/current $/Cap hit 2013 / 2014 / total saved, both years)

Joe Mays $4,000,000 $3,333,332 $4,000,000 = 7.3 million saved
Mike Adams $1,750,000 $2,000,000 = 2 mil saved
Jacob Tamme $2,625,000 $1,791,666 3 mil = 4.8 saved
Joel Dreessen $2,500,000 $1,666,666 2.5 mil = 4.17 saved
Quentin Jammer $1,000,000 $1,500,000 = 1.5 saved
Lance Ball $1,323,000 $1,323,000 = 1.3 saved
Chris Kuper $4,500,000 $2,669,664 $4 mil = 7 mil saved
Vickerson 500k $3 mil = really 3 mil for next year

Note: We require wiggle room to sign players if someone gets injured. So rather than 3.5, I'd prefer getting to 8-10. That would leave us good room this year and next for injury buffers. Also, saving anything is good, as we can roll over, seemingly indefinitely. So it's always about nickle and diming our players (to a point), even if we're not in cap hell.

To see for yourself.

Gelder's Conclusion Cut:
Given this list, Mays is gone (7.3), I’d hope to cut Adams (2), next year probably cut one of the two TE’s, (2.5) Ball hopefully goes (1.3), and Kuper restructures (save say 2, if not more), giving about 15 available with 9 required for good space. If all goes according to plan, we roll over another 6-10 million after back to back SB wins, and this is with pretty generous FA signings and no Champ restructure. You also have the option of Knighton and Prater if you like as cuts or restructures.

Part of Rodneys post, listing his ballpark salaries

Ryan Clady, $10M/yr
Eric Decker, $7M/yr
Wesley Woodyard $6M
Zane Beadles, $4.5M
J.D. Walton, $2M
Chris Harris, $3M (RFA)
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, $5M (already under contract if we don’t void it)
Manny Ramirez, $1M
Britton Colquitt, 3.5M
Robert Ayers, $2M
Tony Carter, $1.5M (RFA)
Mitch Unrein $1M (RFA)
I chose not to keep Mike Adams or Trindon Holliday.

So now we’re in the ballpark of $157M if we bring back all the guys listed above for the 2014 season.
After signing the rest of the rookies, we’ll have around $8M in cap room left this year. Let’s figure on spending $3M more of that throughout the season, which gives us $5M to rollover for next year.
Next year’s cap ($122Mish) plus rollover ($5M) gives us a spending limit of $127M.

  • With all of the above additions, we’re roughly $30M over the cap for 2014.
  • Cut Willis McGahee this year, and we will save $4.5M over the next two years.
  • Cutting Mays today will save us $8M over the next two years. Cut Kuper’s salary from $9.5M over the next two years to $5M will save us $4.5M.
  • Cut Champ’s 2014 salary from $10.5M to $7M will save us $3.5M.
  • Cut or trade Jacob Tamme next year will save us $3M.

That’s $23.5M in savings after those cuts.

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