Mile High Report Weekend open thread: Cali's still missing edition

Jeff Zelevansky

Hey folks, here's hoping Calikula is having one hell of a honeymoon! I haven't heard from him but he usually posts these by this time on Fridays so I'm going to assume he is on the beach somewhere with his new bride.

What's new?

Not sure if there are any jazz aficionados out there, but Julian "Cannonball" Adderley is my all time favorite sax player. No one before or after played the alto with such expressiveness, soul, power, beauty, and virtuosic authority.

So what's new this week?

The Rockies are on a bit of a losing streak having lost their last 4 games.

The Nuggets have a new GM

The Broncos have a new C

LeBron and the Heat are world champions. And boy, what arrogance from that guy huh? Grabs the MVP trophy from Bill Russell and doesn't even acknowledge him. Remember LeBron, without an epic 3-pointer by Jesus Shuttlesworth in game 6, you're just another sucka that lost the finals.

Fantastic hockey going on in the Stanley Cup. Three out of the four games have gone to overtime, and the series is tied 2-2 with game 5 on tap for Saturday.

RIP James Gandolfini

I loved just about everything this guy was ever in. My two favorite roles of his came in the movie "The Mexican" and his HBO series "The Sopranos." James Gandolfini was one hell of an actor who will be sorely missed. Whenever I think of the MOB or Jersey, I will always think of Tony Soprano. In fact, here's a great youtube video with the best "Sopranos" moments (WARNING, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, ADULT SITUATIONS, STRONG LANGUAGE)

Ground Rules:

1. No cursing. If you must do a F*** or a sh** but lets keep it PG 13 folks.

2. Leave bad blood at the door. If you got beef with someone, don't continue it here.

3. Leave trolling at the door as well. If you must troll, please come up with something more clever-er than "Donkeys" Also applies to us as well, folks. Lets leave the trash talking of other teams for other threads. Gotta set the example!

4. Dont turn this place into a mess of a thread over politics, race, war religion, etc.

5. Respect each other.

Don't follow these rules, and my Imperial Homies Bronco Mike and Tim Lynch will handle ya'. Here's a pic:


Beauty of the Week:


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