Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

I believe John Elway and I are thinking on a similar level.

The chess match of X's and O's is often vastly more important than the talent level of the players.

Ultimately, It's up to the coaches to maximize the production of the talent on the roster.

Great coaching exploits the talents of your team, or the weaknesses of the opponents. Bad coaching nullifies talent and allows exploitation.

We have great talent on our roster. Superior talent, in a few key positions, but we have average to slightly above-average coaching. At least at Head Coach. Why do you think our young coordinators keep getting head coaching jobs? Because league-wide, (especially in our division) teams don't believe John Fox is responsible for the Broncos stellar play.

Some coaches hand-cuff their coordinators, and expect the status quo. Others, embrace ingenuity and don't fear being upstaged by their subordinates.

While Dan Reeves was coach, John Elway conspired with offensive coordinator Mike Shanahan to run plays that Dan Reeves had objected to, and ordered Shanahan not to call. After that game, an internal power struggle ensued, and Reeves was fired at the end of the season because he was too rigid to adopt to the changes (west coast offense) that were on the horizon. You know what Shanahan did as Reeves replacement.

I'm sure this is on Elway's mind. I believe it's why Elway has meddled with the coaching structure/philosophy.

The recruitment and hiring of Alex Gibbs was a not so subtle hint that Elway wants some changes. And don't downplay the public admission by Fox, that he needs to, and will be, more aggressive. That was a capitulating statement to his boss.

Elway knows how fast an elite QB's skills/health can erode. I bet there was a huge internal discussion about how to improve the team through scheme and play-calling.

Elway knows the pieces are in place. He just needs the right people manipulating them. I hope Fox is much more flexible and confident in PM's second season under center.

Elway and I want a victory parade downtown as a late Christmas gift.

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