Mile High Stampede Fan Radio Episode 2!


Join us for the second episode of Mile High Stampede! It should be live at, if not I will comment in here as to the new location. It will begin Tuesday, July 16 at 5PM Mountain Time.

Before the show starts, if you'd like, send me a rant of up to 200 words (on anything Broncos-related) or a bio of yourself. I hope to have weekly "Fan Rant" sections as well as "Fan Bio" segments to really help include the fan voice. Comment them here or email them to

First of all, Ryan Clady signs! That will be the number one item on our agenda! Vote in the poll below, I'd love to get some numbers on this.

Like last time, I'm looking for one word from you that you would use to describe this signing. We'll break it down in greater depth, but to start, what is the one word you'd describe this signing with?

For reference, the other franchise tagged players have been:

Bronco Mike contributes the following question:

how about the implications of Clady’s contract on other deals…..or how the FO and Elway prioritize

A very excellent question, and one that I think will generate quite a lot of discussion!

After we discuss the Ryan Clady signing, we'll move on to talking about the rest of the Broncos offseason. What was your favorite move of the offseason?

We'll run down whatever news has come up about official reaction or punishment of Matt Russell's and Tom Heckert's escapades.

***Update, 12:38pm Monday***

News: Broncos suspend Heckert 1 month w/out pay, Russell indefinitely w/out pay. Views: If you read my column days ago, you saw this coming..

Mark Kiszla (@markkiszla)

And, Quentin Saulsberry joins the fun with a DUI as well! That's four arrested Broncos in the offseason. Where do you come down on all of this?

***Update, 5:21pm, Monday***

broncosfaninphilly asks,

Can the broncos defense truely handle the pistol formation offense ? Are our big men up front built to handle all the running and chaseing that comes with trying to defend this offense ? We will face off against the likes of RG3 , vick , Alex smith and the chiefs twice . Can we afford to lose four regular season games due to the pistol ? We will know early mabey when we face the 49ers and the seahawks in pre season . That being said I am not worried about the pre season games just the four regular season games because there the ones that count . hope we can touch on this topic , see ya tomorrow .

Just take these one at a time as the show progresses, we'll get to everything!

If we have time, we might get to a preview of the other AFC West teams, although I think there'll be plenty of time later to talk about the Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs and how they'll likely be this season.

Comments, questions and responses can always be sent to @mhsradio on Twitter,, commented in the chat function on MIXLR or commented in this live stream here on Mile High Report!

Next week: a training camp preview!

Broadcast at: Tuesday July 16, starting at 5PM Mountain Time.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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