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I received an email from MHP, and he asked me to post this. If you'll remember, MHP asked to be banned and his request was granted. I expressed that I would unban him (and have) to be able to post what he wanted me to post. Didn't get the feeling he was ready to return quite yet so I'll go ahead and post it for him.

As a member there have been MANY times when I've shot my mouth off or said something I shouldn't have and I've always been able to make things right and have been forgiven by the community. What I expressed to MHP and what I want to express to all of you--we're all orange and blue brothers and sisters. We may have fights and disagreements from time to time. Things will come up and when they do we can deal with them. But there is absolutely NO reason whatsoever to hold grudges or to judge a mistake as an unforgiveable offense.

MHP brought to the forefront genuine gripes that the MHR community had and fostered a conversation amongst everyone that is sure to bring about positive changes going forward. I think it's important for the community to have these every so often that way we can continue to make MHR the best damn source for Broncos coverage on the interwebs. Just as important, it will help us maintain the high community standards that MHR has come to represent.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to MHP for calling him out in public. Though I felt justified at the time, it was a mistake and I'm sorry. Without further adieu, here is what Mile High Pride has to say:


Understand this: No matter how I felt that day towards a current staffer, know that my passion remains about the team. This great franchise has gone to the Super Bowl five times in my lifetime, six in total. Three different coaches have gotten us there and I know another one will get us there soon. The Denver Broncos have an illustrious history, one which we are all anxious to add too.

My very first game I ever saw as a fan of football, not yet a Bronco fan was on October 4, 1992 at the old Mile High. The Broncos trailed the Kansas City Chiefs 19-6 late in the 4th quarter. The Broncos had struggled of late not scoring a touchdown in 12 of the last 13 quarters (everyone, including the announcers had made this point very clear). I remember looking around and starting to see empty seats and not understanding why anyone would leave a Pro Football game early. Little did they know at the time John Elway would pull off one of his "Comeback Kid" moments. With just a couple of minutes on the clock the "ComebackKid" threw a touchdown pass to Mark Jackson. I can still hear the fans in the stands yelling "Three and Out, Three and Out" which the KC Chiefs did just that allowing Elway on more chance at victory. With just seconds left on the clock Elway threw yet another touchdown pass giving the Broncos a 20-19 WIN! This forever sealed my fate as a Bronco fan.

About 5 years after that infamous date in 1992, my family relocated to a small town in Kansas just south of Kansas City. Having to live out my teens in the Land of the Chiefs trying so hard to never lose my love for the Broncos. Having watched my Broncos in defeat at Arrowhead during my first visit, I got another chance to see them in the playoffs of 1997. My Broncos redeemed themselves, me and every other fan that showed up that day to support them in Arrowhead by beating the Chiefs 14-10 in route to winning the Super Bowl that season.

In 2002 I received what today is the greatest sheet of paper I have received. The Denver Broncos had invited me to participate in an undrafted, unsigned college player workout for the team, I was accepted which allowed me to come to the Rookie mini-camp the next month. Having roomed with Chris Young who the Broncos selected in the 7th round of the Draft that year was enough for me since I was just a small town college player who only played simply to afford the cost of being in school. Yet the first day of camp I was moved to the Defensive Secondary (Safety) after playing linebacker my whole career and who do I get to line up across from on my pass, just the Denver Broncos first pick in 2002, Ashley Lelie. Nevertheless I was released on day two, but not after meeting and having two days with Clinton Portis, Jeb Putzier, and Sam Brandon just to name drop a little.

Needless to say since 1992 I have been a Bronco. I found MileHighReport in 2010 shortly after/before the Tim Tebow draft not sure which. I joined in April of that year after I found an article written by Sayre Bedinger about why the Broncos should draft Tim Tebow. It was rough at first for me at MileHighReport being such a Tebowmanic because most thought I came just because of him, none of you know/knew my roots ran so much deeper than that. Before the change to the new format I was a regular and even posted some articles of my own.

I was very active in the draft posts having posted something all most everyday leading up to the draft/s. In fact in 2011, I was very vocal that Denver should draft Patrick Peterson over Von Miller, something I'm not too proud to admit, but that year I picked 5 of the Broncos 9 picks correctly.

I have been a proud member of MHR since I joined, even to the point that earlier in the 2012 season I won the score give away contest put on by Kaptain Kirk. I declined to take the prize and ask that it be awarded to another member because even though I was correct in my guess I had picked the Broncos to lose, there for I should too.

Everyone at MileHighReport has every right to be disappointed and frustrated in my lack and poor judgment of my recent actions. Although I expected my post and comments to be seen differently, I assure you I might nothing disrespectful towards the members of MHR. I have and will take the responsibility that my words and actions created. Along with everyone here at MHR, I care greatly about our players, franchise and want nothing more than another Super Bowl Trophy soon. It is unfortunate that my action took away from the real focus here at MHR and that being the Denver Broncos. I know that the energy and enthusiasm provided here at MHR this past year is infectious and will be carried on for years to come with great accomplishments. The passionate backing will allow this site to grow larger than ever.

As I move on from this and the site moves forward, I am extremely optimistic about the future of the Denver Broncos. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for reading this, for the passion you bring, the enthusiasm and overwhelming support of mine and your favorite team, "THE" Denver Broncos!


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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