Oh goddamnit, looks like this offseason sucked after all

innocent until proven guilty, i know, iknow, and if that proves to be the case then all is forgiven. but it doesn't look like it's going to turn out that way. it looks like Von's a big ol' stoner. and that pisses me off.

not the stoner bit. Geez, i grew up in Boulder. I used to BE one. it's the fact that he voluntary engaged in behaviors that put his season, put the broncos' season, put everyone's season at risk.

Von, you're a pro. and you're not just a pro -- you're a bronco. and that means something -- or it should. it does to the rest of us. it's not enough to be supremely gifted, it's not enough just to put in the time and the hours, it's not enough to show up early and stay late. you've actually got to act like a pro. and that means following the rules, regardless of whether you agree with them or not. that means doing nothing to imperil your standing. and part of that means DON'T SMOKE DOOBAGE and DON'T TAKE PARTY DRUGS.

this should be the easy part! exercise a little self restraint! you wanna get baked? i understand that. wait five or ten years, then move to Bali and open your own hookah shop with all that money you made as an athlete. but while you are a member of the denver broncos be a teammate; get focused, stay focused, drop the blunt, back away from the zig-zags, show up and be a goddamned professional football player.

I recognize that it's a little hypocritical that i used to smoke and now i judge him so harshly. but i would argue that my former idiocy does not excuse his current idiocy. I would also argue that when i smoked the consequences i risked affected pretty much only me -- because i wasn't a DENVER BRONCO.

It also might seem a bit unfair to pick on Von when heckert and russel were even more idiotic. three things;

one, von's timing is bad, coming on the heels of tweedle dum and tweedle dee -- i think we've all had it with broncos misbehavior, and i've had it to the point i want to write something about it. part of my frustration is aimed at them.

two, they're front office guys, not players. they let us down. I am mad at them. and embarrassed by them. but they are not freaking pillars of the team the way you are, von, you dork.

three; i actually do think what they did was for worse than what von did. i'd much rather run into von, stoned, and talk life and philosophy than have russel run into the back of my truck in frisco. THC isn't entirely benign, but its medical implications pale compared to alcohol. christ, tobacco kills more than all other addictive substances combined.

but so what? that is all immaterial. the issue for me really isn't the rightness or wrongness of THC; it's the fact that it is against the damned rules.

Von, i hope you're clean. if not, get your act together. your teammates deserve better. we fans deserve better.


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