Pre training camp thoughts - OFF.

Tomorrow starts my favorite time of the year (besides Elk season), Broncos season. I have been reading and thinking and speculating in anticipation of the season.

Here are a few bullet points of my thoughts. Please chime in and share yours. I love the diversity in thinking around here as it opens my eyes to new possibilities or info I had not considered.

QB = Can one of the rookies make the 53 because he played too well in preseason games.

If one of the rookies is lighting it up in practice and shows a little something early in preseason the Broncos might do well to say we want Brock as ready as can be and leave him in most of the game and not expose the rookies to the masses in order to sneak them on to the practice squad which would be ideal leaving them with an additional roster spot.

RB= This one will play out with the best back starting the season as the starter regardless of status. If Ball shows he is the best back he will take it. I think we will see the other Ball gone if someone can step into his special teams role (are you reading CJ Anderson). As much as we want to see who it will be, the difference amoung the 3 top contenders will not be that great as 3-4 backs usually play under Fox and the horse with the most that day will stay in longer.

W/R = This one is going to be tough to watch without seeing practices and special teams. Top 3 are set. We have Holliday (could be labled here or a RB) Then we will have to see who emerges and can play special teams and contribute some on offense. My bet is Caldwell will be gone due to his lack of ST ability but I dont know if Orton or Robinson can play ST or not. We also have the rookie who some think can be electrifying so...... hold on this will be a wild ride for the bottom of the depth chart.

OL = This one in my opinion is over looked. With Walton out and the new guy at RG we have some work to do here and Kuper is not going to give up without a fight if he gets to camp. Beadles better watch out but overall a solid crew. I am still really concerned about our OL depth if Kuper is not on the team. We really have no viable backup Tackle that we would want playing if either LT/RT go down. The Rookie has size but can he play. Dont over look this part of camp.

I will do defense later in the week.

Blog on!

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