Calikula's Imperial Weekend Thread: Swagger on Full Tilt Edition

Doug Pensinger

Greetings folks and happy Friday!!! Weekend thread back and in your face, and this weeks's edition has got its swagger on full tilit, inspired by Bronco Mike's post from earlier this week. Ive always maintained that to find yourself a girl, it's less important to have good looks and more important to have swagger. Of course, when you have good looks and swagger, then life is easier for you. I know that problem first hand ;) So pop those collars, put a strut in your step, and head on out there and take the bull by the horns. Last week's thread got over 300 comments, relfecting the renaissance that is happening at MHR. For new folks that are popping up, I say, greetings. For old faces that are coming around again due to the start of training camp, I say welcome. This thread is for venting, for BS'ing, and for getting to know one another outside of Broncos fandom. I hope to see some new faces on here this weekend, and I hope to see another 300+ comments.

Ground Rules:

1. No cursing. If you must do a F*** or a sh** but lets keep it PG 13 folks.

2. Leave bad blood at the door. If you got beef with someone, don't continue it here.

3. Leave trolling at the door as well. If you must troll, please come up with something more clever-er than "Donkeys" Also applies to us as well, folks. Lets leave the trash talking of other teams for other threads. Gotta set the example!

4. Dont turn this place into a mess of a thread over politics, race, war religion, etc.

5. Respect each other.

Don't follow these rules, and my Imperial Homies Bronco Mike and Tim Lynch will handle ya'. Here's a pic:


Imperial Quote of the Week:

As some of you may or may not know, I love Wil Ferrel movies, for all their slapstick comedy. This one is from the underrated Blades of Glory:


"Hey. They laughed at Louis Armstrong when he said he was gonna go to the moon. Now he's up there, laughing at them."

Hot Chick of the Week:

Last week's girl was for Bradfather, this one is for a certain traitorous lovable hobbit



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