Goodbye Broncos... The Dreaded Cap Crunch...

The offer to Ryan Clady has me thinking of our cap, and the roster implications moving forward.

When your Starting LT, QB, and CB (Clady, Manning, Bailey) account for over 25% (approx. 40 mil) of your annual salary cap, it makes it tough to add a pro bowl level talent, unless it's a draft pick.

Von Miller is arguably the best OLB in the league right now. He's on a high dollar "rookie" contract, because he was the 2nd overall pick, but his salary isn't near the level of the top paid players at his position. When it comes time to resign him, there will be a trade off because his production will demand top dollar. Some of our STARTING Denver Broncos will be let go because of salary more-so than performance. Ask Mr. McGahee. Mr. Kuper probably has an opinion on the subject too, along with Joe Mays.

Change is inevitable, but for every new toy, (DRC, Vasquez, high draft picks) old ones must be discarded. We are heading for "plug and play" starters because of salary cap constraints.

All Front Offices eventually use the same zombified mantra, "We are going to build through the draft." Since when don't you? Which team refuses its picks or scuttles them like in the NBA? Doesn't happen. Bad contracts force teams to draft for need instead of BPA.

People will say Manning and Bailey's salaries will be off the books soon, but what if Brock plays lights out fabulous, a la Aaron Rodgers? And if DRC excels and is tabbed to replace Bailey? Their contracts go up substantially.

It's a catch 22 conundrum. I know there are bonuses in place for the post-season, but the league pays those bonuses IIRC. There should be a percentage bonus, like 10 extra percent for reaching each level of the play-offs, and an extra 15% or 20% to the SB victors. If they did that along with the rookie wage scale, it would help flatten salaries and reward teams a little more-so than individuals.

I'd hate to see Decker go, but if the trade off is keeping Von Miller, I'll say good-bye to Deck. Some Broncos must go for new ones to develop, but Elway, please keep paring down the out of whack contracts and don't overpay, even for our beloved Broncos vets. It will bog down our future aspirations.

On behalf of roster balance, will any Broncos volunteer for a pay-cut?

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