2013 Denver Broncos: Cap update after Colquitt/Kuper deals


Hello folks, here's where the Broncos stand against the salary cap after the contract extension to Britton Colquitt as well as the restructure to Chris Kuper's contract.

Colquitt's deal lowered his 2013 base salary from the 1.323 million tender to 1.275 million*.  He also received an upfront bonus of 3 million which is prorated over the course of the 4 years (750K per year).  That puts his overall cap number in 2013 at 2.025 million.

Kuper on the other hand had his base salary reduced to 1.050 million (all guaranteed).  His cap hit is 1.965 million with a dead money number at 3.795 million. With such a big dead money number, don't expect to see Kuper off the team.  If he experiences any further injury complications the team can place him on the reserve/injured list.

With both of these deals accounted for the top top 51 contracts puts the Broncos at a number of $118,243,668 with an adjusted cap number (after roll over) of $129,104,175.  That gives the Broncos $10,860,507 left in cap space which they can use to workout deals with impending free agents such as Eric Decker or Wesley Woodyard.  Depending on how Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie performs this year, he could be another on the list the Broncos should resign.  Whatever happens, the Broncos should be able to save another 1.323 million if Lance Ball is cut--he currently counts against that top 51 number but has nothing in guaranteed money or bonuses.

Whatever the case, the Broncos have plenty to work with!

(*Denver post is reporting that number, spotrac and over the cap have it at an even 1.25 million)

H/T to overthecap.com for the updated numbers

EDIT (12:20 MDT)

There is a rather large discrepancy between Spotracs numbers and over the caps numbers.  Spotrac puts the Broncos adjusted cap number after rollover at approximately 140.264 million and the Broncos top 51 contracts at about 125.705 million which would give the Broncos about 14.559 million in cap space.

EDIT (3:54 MDT)

I was given some official numbers by Joel Thorman over at Arrowhead Pride.  The NFLPA lists the Broncos current cap room at 10.249 million dollars.  Thanks to Joel for passing on this information!  Feel free to use the link to keep updated Broncos Country!

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