do not panic

i normally do not write posts in august or care about preseason

i still am optimistic because we are running a no-huddle balls to the wall offense

now 1 thing i will say is we are thin at OL and 1 more inj there and it could be a long season

here why i am not worried about the running game when manning won his super bowl the colts were last in rushing

all we need RB to do is pass-protect and not fumble i count Welker as a RB weird i know but that could be 700-1'200 yards right there the only we need in the running the ball is to milk the clock late in the game last 4 min

now on von miller its simple we can't replace him john fox and jack del rio pulled off a magic trick in carolina in 2002 and by that i mean carolina was 1-15 the year before well with a no-name Def they went from 1-15 to 7-9 went from 28 TH IN total D to 5th in 02 with a Awful Sec

let look at the AFC

East NE Is a Threat But Their D Lacks turnover makers basically they are denver without outside playmakers I E Thomas Decker

Mia Was A Fringe Playoff team but now who knows

Buff Could take miami Spot but 9-7 at Best

NYJ Yawn Wake me when geno starts

Afc North

Balt- They might be our biggest threat but a super bowl champ loses a game or two they should win and if they want to get to N Y will have to beat us twice

Ciny Win A Playoff game First but they are a super bowl sleeper if we implode and N.E

Pitt looking Old but can help us by beating Balt

Cle 500 at best

Afc South

1 Hou great on paper but Foster is inj-prone Schaub c'ant win a big Game and will start mays yay lol

2 Indy a year away i believe this team will be out biggest test in 2014

3 Tenn No Coach No QB

4 Jax far away as of now

Afc West

SD No Def Rivers is turning into bernie kosar the old 90's version

Oak Allen coached Sacred against us

KC Reid lives by the pass too much A Smith cannot throw 40+ times a game


Denver should go 12-4 the giants and cowboys are also struggles so far

IF We Beat Balt i think we will start 5-1 even without von and champ

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