Something happened on the way to our coronation.

I feel like we entered the football equivalent of bizzaro world. I cringe signing on – who’s injured now, what stupid, knuckle-headed mishap did the chicken man fuddle his way in to last night? I got a whole lotta ‘poor me’ going on.

And I just officially got sick of feeling sorry for myself.

Sure we got the swagger knocked out of us. At least we can no longer be complacent. Any illusions that this will be easy are gone – and that is a good thing. Best get it over with now.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the team reacts. We definitely seem snake bit. But my guess is that things will go better from here on out. We’ve got good veteran leadership. Peyton. Champ. We may hate Fox when it is fourth and one and here comes colquit and we’re screaming ‘grow a sack you moron,’ but Fox was built to handle situations like this. Completely unflappable.

You’d have thought the humiliation in Denver jan 12 to bazooka joe and the murderers would’ve served to sharpen our focus. Apparently not. Hopefully this latest spate of God’s quirky sense of humor does the trick.

And my guess is that it will, that this does become a positive thing, a point of focus for the team. Lombardis aren’t awarded. They are taken. Good teams pick themselves up off the sod, shut up, quit jabbering and get to work. Sounds a lot like peyton, eh? Or champ? And I totally dig that, that is why I love this team.

Bronco Mike is right. All we have to do is make the playoffs. What matters is how well we are playing in December, January.

What we’ve got is Peyton Freakin’ Manning, stronger and more comfortable, and an awesome receiving corps that just got better. We got young backs who better improve, and will improve, as the season progresses. And the OL? Help is on the way. Defensively we just need to get our shyte together. And we will. It’s preseason. It’s vanilla. Truthfully, the news is more good than bad, at least in player development. You gots to love love nacho, and malik is now going to get invaluable reps, and nate, trevathan, Johnson are going to grow up real fast. And DRC can’t get healthy fast enough.

So there are going to be bumps. Of course there are going to be bumps. The only reason I got the "po’ me" thing going is I thought we were so freaking awesome that there would be no bumps. Guess what? Wrong! Best learn that now.

This thing is just starting. Buckle up.

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