Denver Broncos Offensive Ratings for Madden NFL 25 Video Game

(EA Sports)

We take a look at some offensive skill player ratings for Denver Broncos players in Madden NFL 25. Who is underrated? Who is overrated?

EA Sports' Madden NFL 25 video is due to hit stores next Tuesday and we've been given a sneak peek at the offensive ratings for the Denver Broncos.  Today, we'll take a look at each skill position on offense.


  • Peyton Manning * 97 Overall * 89 Throw Power * 95 Throw Accuracy * 90 Toughness

Manning is tied with Tom Brady (97) for the second-best rating in the game, behind only Aaron Rodgers (98).

  • Brock Osweiler * 73 Overall * 96 Throw Power * 79 Throw Accuracy * 81 Jumping

Last year, the Broncos were prepared to turn to Osweiler in the case of a Hail Mary scenario.  His ratings reflect that.

  • Zac Dysert * 68 Overall * 89 Throw Power * 81 Throw Accuracy * 10 Kick Return

You can change a player's position in this year's edition of the game, but we won't be having Dysert run back any kickoffs.

Running Backs

  • Knowshon Moreno * 76 Overall * 86 Speed * 67 Strength * 90 Agility * 76 Catching * 86 Carry

Moreno isn't currently listed as the team's starter, but EA views him as the best option in the backfield.

  • Montee Ball * 75 Overall * 86 Speed * 76 Strength * 86 Agility * 66 Catching * 96 Carry

Ball is ready to carry the load, according to EA.

  • Ronnie Hillman * 72 Overall * 91 Speed * 53 Strength * 94 Agility * 67 Catching * 74 Carry

Hillman is a quick and elusive back, and his ratings reflect that.

Receivers and Tight Ends

  • Wes Welker * 93 Overall * 85 Speed * 96 Catching * 65 Run Block * 99 Toughness

Welker is tied with Roddy White as the fifth-highest ranked receiver in the game.

  • Demaryius Thomas * 90 Overall * 96 Speed * 92 Catching * 72 Run Block * 95 Jumping

Thomas is by far the most complete and most athlete receiver on the team.

  • Eric Decker * 87 Overall * 87 Speed * 88 Catching * 50 Run Block * 88 Spin Move

Just don't ask Decker to block and you should be fine.

  • Jacob Tamme* 80 Overall * 82 Speed * 84 Catching * 62 Run Block * 68 Stiff Arm

Tamme is entering the season banged up, but he remains the team's best receiving tight end.

  • Joel Dreessen * 81 Overall * 78 Speed * 86 Catching * 75 Run Block * 11 Throw Power

Don't ever try a tight end pass with Dreessen.

  • Julius Thomas * 65 Overall * 83 Speed * 86 Catching * 75 Run Block * 5 Kick Return

EA has clearly underrated Thomas going into the 2013 season.

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