Old Sports Illustrateds

Hey there,

I'm not sure if this is ok or not. I'd like to give some stuff away.

My gf's mother passed and she kept every Sports Illustrated from 1955 to current. We sold the first 3 years. We also sold many individually such as Broncos superbowls and so on. Other than Broncos stuff, there is still a treasure trove of memories.

I have gone through and saved about 10 iconic magazine covers with Ali, Duran, Namath and so on. But I have hundreds and hundreds of SIs. Choosing what to keep is crazy hard. For example, when Pete Rose broke his record, does that make the cut? It didn't. Or when Jordan wins his first title? It didn't. Or Ali wins the championship? It did.

There are countless sports icons that didn't make the cut such as Kareem, Magic, Gretsky and not to mention the old icons like Howe, Bradley, Unitas, Campbell and so on. They are a blast to go through. The ads in the old ones actually have things like, "when dinner is over and the wife is cleaning up in the kitchen, go have a Grey Goose with the boys!".

There are also covers that show an all white crowd at a stadium and black workers in uniforms serving them.

There are issues with covers and feature articles such as, How to improve your skeet shooting, how to pilot a small sailboat, how to tie a lure.

In 1959, a cover states that drugs are going to have an impact on sports.

Buick used to advertise that their cars don't rattle. Really?

Remember the ground breaking SI did on women's sports that lead to Title IX? That made it to my daughters room.

The Indy 500 in 1958 had cars that didn't look like race cars.

One cover shows a crashed race car and a dead rhino next to it from a race in Africa. Btw, the front end of the car was totaled, but the cab was unscathed.

Phi Beta Slamma or whatever.

If your wondering, prior to Elway, there is one, ONE, cover of the Broncos where it's a photo in a positive light. For example, there are a lot of covers with the Broncos against someone and the score says, "Cowboys cream the Broncos!". The lonesome cover is of Rubin Carter.

For many, instead of pictures, they used wonderful drawings such as the drawing of Ted Williams as the virtruvian man.

I don't know if I could sell these but even if I was offered $200, I'm not going to load my truck and drive 15 minutes when I think about how much fun they might be to someone else.

So here is the deal, if you want a box, and you must take a box, it's yours. I have about 20 photocopy paper size boxes of these.

I'm giving these away for someone to enjoy. You are on the honor system of not trying to make money off them. If you want them, say so, I'll pm you about how to get them. I haven't really thought this out too much. I'm not asking for anything in return.

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