Question: Is Flacco a Top Ten QB?

Hey MHR! First fanpost in a long time, so bear with me.

This whole thing started as a comment when reading a comment on MHR earlier today. A well-respected member of the MHR faithful said he didn't feel Flacco wasn't a Top Ten QB. Now, I can see where an argument could be made for that, but I don't tend to share that opinion. I hate Flacco now, but I may...MAY...have liked him prior to this season (forgive me!). I'm a sucker for guys from small schools (i.e. not Div 1) that make it in the NFL. Even if it's for the dirty mother-lovin' Ratbirds. However, is Joe Flacco really not Top 10 QB? Maybe not, but I think he is most definitely in the mix.

For Top Ten QB's I think most of us can agree we have (in no particular order):

-Tom "just put that homeless guy at WR" Brady

-Peyton "I'll beat you to death with my 'noodle-arm'" Manning

-Eli "Suck it Peyton" Manning

-Ben "You got a purdy mouth" Roethlisberger

-Aaron "I wish I'd picked a different signature move" Rodgers

-Drew "For the last time no a dog didn't give me this scar" Brees

-Matt "I'm going to try to show less emotion this year" Ryan

That's 7 (I also question Eli and Ben but I digress), but who gets the other 3 spots? My candidates would be (again in no particular order):

-Joe "I'll just throw up a rainbow and see what happens" Flacco?

-Tony "just please don't ask me to be clutch" Romo?

-Matt "thank God I have Megatron to disguise how average I am" Stafford?

-Colin "my biggest problem is running...out of ink space" Kaepernick?

-Russell "I'm like a tanner scar-less Brees" Wilson?

-Andrew "if I only had a defense" Luck?

-Robert "for the last time Shannahan and I are fine" Griffin III?

I've pretty much written off:

-Jay "oh please god don't let this throw be a pick...f***" Cutler

-Matt "the Fearless Earless" Schaub

-Michael "I thought about running and it broke 2 of my ribs" Vick?

-Andy "gingers are people too" Dalton?

-Geno "how can I NOT start over Butt-Fumble-Turd-Burglar over there" Smith

-Mark "maybe if I grow a creepier mustache I can complete a pass" Sanchez

-Sam "it helps if you try not to think about how disappointing I've been" Bradford

-Matt "the long con" Flynn

-Ryan "the only thing prettier than my wife is my deep ball...bro" Tannehill

-Christian "please call a you say...well I'm audibling to a run" Ponder

-Brandon "Hunny I can't find mah spectacles or Metamucil" Weeden

-Jake "my goal is to suck...less...right?" Locker

-EJ "s*** I got picked by the Bills I should just quit" Manuel

What do you think MHR? The poll is below, but I will NOT give you a penny for your thoughts you bunch of ingrates! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Lastly, GO BRONCOS!!! Thanks for reading and I look forward to your responses!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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