Preseason Evaluation of Elway's 2013 version of the Broncos

With as much accolades as John Elway has received in rebuilding this team there have been significant blunders and mishaps in the rebuilding process since Elway began as head of football operations. With what is likely the best chance the Broncos will have to win a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning the roster is not where it should be at key positions. Take away the acquisition of Manning, and this team has gone backwards in many respects. Elway started in January of 2011. So he has been in charge of three drafts (2011,2012,2013) and offseasons. Denver has continually taken guys in the draft that aren't the highest rated at their positions. This has led to mediocre talent of new players to support Manning in his last hurrah.

RB – Eddie Lacy

LB – Dant’a Hightower

S – Jaryius Bryd

Running Back

Have – Three headed monster of Hillman, Ball, and Moreno

Should Have – Eddie Lacy/Doug Martin

I am not sure if anyone on the front office staff knows how to evaluate a running back, or knows how and when to draft one.

Elway’s Picks – 2012 - 3rd RD – Ronnie Hillman, 2013 2nd RD Montee Ball

Elway’s Acquisitions – 2011 – Willis McGahee

There haven’t been a lot of great prospects at the RB position in free agency, but Denver passed on Eddie Lacy three times in this year’s draft, and traded out of taking Doug Martin in last year’s draft. Hillman is fumble machine and is being put in the starting lineup because he was Elway’s first RB draft. Montee Ball is even a more irritating situation because he wasn’t the highest rated guy on the board. That would be Eddie Lacy who by many was the only first round rated running back and was available in the second and third round. Oh yeah and he is looking like a monster in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers sends his thanks.

Middle Linebacker

Have – Some slow white guy (I’m white so I can say that) I’ve never heard of

Should Have – Dant’a Hightower

Dear God can anybody tell me why middle linebacker is such a low valued position by our Broncos. In last years draft the Broncos had a glaring need at middle linebacker and had the best one available at #25 sitting in their lap. Then they trade out. The Patriots were grateful. Denver has made another half-headed effort to fill this position on their roster. Also, the player that Denver received and coveted (Derek Wolfe), they could have had in the second at their natural spot anyway. So the only sacrifice would have been not being able to take Osweiler in the second. Which means they could have had him in the third, and we wouldn’t be even talking about Ronnie" I’d rather fumble than score" Hillman. That is unless Denver took him in the fourth round where he was rated anyway.

Players that Denver passed on by trading down from the 25th pick in the first round in the 2012 draft.

25 – MLB – Dant’a Hightower - Super Stud MLB

LB – Nick Perry

S – Harrison Smith

RB --- Doug Martin - Super Stud RB

RB – David Wilson

WR – Brian Quick

TE – Colby Fleener

LB – Courtney Upshaw - Won a Super Bowl


Have: Raheem Moore

Should have: Jairus Byrd

Denver could still technically get this done. The safety position is still an issue in regards to Raheem Moore. It seems like Elway just can’t admit a mistake. Moore showed again that he can’t be the ballhawking safety he was brought in to be against the Rams allowing a touchdown catch be TE Jared Cook. The run defense also needs safety help. Denver needs an elite Safety to cover for deficiencies on the defense and Middle Linebacker and corner. The Bills apparently want a player instead of a draft pick for Byrd and are willing to trade. Denver has a lot of options at certain positions they have a glut of. Wide Receiver comes to mind. Take your pick of Welker or Decker. Team’s aren’t built on WR’s. We have Peyton Manning. We don’t need three all-pro wide receivers. We need to stop the opposition and not let passes sail over our heads. Heck Welker wasn't even needed in last night’s game on the offense was able to produce fine without him.

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