A request about the option-routes

Hello folks,

This isn't the kind of post I'm really used to write, so I thank you in advance for your attention.

I'm not here to talk about our preseason or the regular season, or even about the playoffs and how we are a Super Bowl contender in 2013. I'm here to make a request, like the title suggests.


MHR is where I can have the bests threads and conversations with very wise dudes (and dudettes) about my beloved Denver Broncos and the X's and O's of the game. That's why I can't realize a better site to learn a bit more about the famous Option Routes.

Ok, the first content I read about it was on this site here a long time ago. I thought it was interesting, but it made me hungry for much more. So I researched several links, including a great piece written by Topher Doll about the Options Routes used by Peyton Manning (here).

Now, for any reason I don't know, I started to think more and more about the Option Routes and I have no answers to a few thoughts.

As I live very far from the USA, I had zero contact in life to any coach really willing to talk about the system without thinking I was a spy trying to unveil his secrets and destroy his team. I know several people on MHR can help me with a couple coaching points though, so let's go:

  • Which points do a coach teach his players to make a high level execution of the Option Routes?
  • What does the player have to read on the defender, field, position, body language and etc?
  • How does he decide if he is going with the 1st option or moving with the 2nd one once the play has already began?
  • What does the QB have to look at to make a play on this kind of concepts? Also, how do the progressions look like?
  • What kind of athletes are more suited to this kind of playbook, talking both about the passer and the receivers?

If you have any other points to add besides these questions, please do it. I hope this questions can start some good threads and feed us all with valuable information.

Thank you,


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